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Aiming for the low end of healthy?

Hi All. I just wondered how many of you are aiming to be at the low end of the healthy bmi range (19-20ish)? I am and I am finding it harder as time goes on - my bmi is 24 now and already people are teling my that I don't need to lose anymore weight. Well, no, I don't need to, but I want to, and my body fat % is still higher than is healthy.

How are you coping with this sort of comment? And how quickly are you managing to lose weight now CD is making you eat more cals that you maybe want to? Any hints and advise is welcome!:talk017:
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I'm aiming for a weight of 9 stones giving me a BMI of between 21 and 22 so not as low as you. However the NHS direct BMI calculator tells that a healthy weight range for your height is actually between 18.5 and 24.9 It looks like CD have chosen between 20 and 25 as what they feel is a healthy BMI range.

I haven't even reached a BMI of 25 yet and my CDC seems to think I look fine as I am. Well she hasn't seen me in all my glory (with no clothes on). She'd soon change her mind. My BIL reckons I'm boney, my Dad says I don't need to lose any more and my brother reckons my face is looking gaunt. I think that because my CDC views the BMI of 25 as acceptable for herself she is applying that same principle to me. However I am going to get down to the weight and BMI that I want to be and that is most definitely within the NHS guide's healthy range. I think other people around you have a perception problem when you lose weight relatively quickly.

I was pretty concerned with my CDC's comments last week but I will just change my CDC if she doesn't agree with the BMI I want to achieve. I just try and ignore everyone else as they have partners who are carrying weight so that's maybe why they see me as slim enough.

I'm only losing 2 pounds a week (ish) at the mo and have done for the past 4 weeks so I'm stepping up the walking and hope that will help me lose weight quicker but I'm not looking forward to having to go up to 1000 calories as I've always put weight on in the past when I consume this quantity. I'm hoping CD has done something miraculous to my metabolism so I don't put weight on when I'm at that level.

The only advice I can give you regarding comments is to avoid getting into discussions about your weight at all if you can - just play any comments down and change the subject. It's your life and your body.

What kind of weight and height would you be for a BMI of 19-20 anyway?
Thanks for your reply. I am about 5ft5 and a weight of 8st7 would give me a bmi of 19.8. I used to be 8st2 for ages, but I think given that I'm a few years older now the extra few lbs would be ok.
That sounds fine to me as if you were that weight for ages it probably is your natural weight and I agree it sometimes is nice to have a few extra pounds on as you get a bit older.

Good luck - hope it's not too long before you get to your target.
I am aiming to the lower end of healthy aswell, the very lowest of 7st 10. I used to be alot lower than this but will not go lower than this point. I think aslong as i am healthy then it is a personal opinion of how you feel and wish to continue at!!

Best of luck!

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