AKB pictures on BBC website!!

I met AKB at the last wemitt meet in Birmingham and she's every bit as gorgeous in the flesh.

What fantastic before/after pics of her - I only hope mine look half as good when I get to goal!

Check out number 6 .... phwoarrr! ;)
Those are fantastic! AKB you are a real inspiration.
LisaV is on there as well!! Photo 9 !!!!
What an absolute stunner! Did she do CD as well then?
I thought her weight loss was fast!
Yes she did a brill Blog!!

A's seen it - she commented on our thread "careful forever". She answered an ad on BBC about weight loss, sent them an e-mail when they were looking for people with good weightloss stories...

So proud of her!
Hi All

and thanks for your kind words!
I didn't know it was on until my dear friend and early DHH mentor, Pogle, texted me this morning to say I was on it!
I sent it in after reading about the 34stone teen programme - I was adding my twopenn'orth about VLCDs being, in my opinion (before anyone flames me), a safer and more long term solution than stomach surgery!
I'll ring Cambridge in a min!
Thanks Pierce - it's when I look at that photo that I realise how far I've come and what I don't want to go back to! I dodged mirrors/cameras/any reflective surface for years so never really saw the "real" me. When I first saw those 2 together I was shocked and appalled by what I'd done to myself when I finally saw what everyone else did - mentally I saw myself a good 5 or 6 stone lighter than I really was! On the before photo my hip size and my height were identical - 5' 4". AKB:true human weeble:eek:
As I've said before akb you are fantastic, I do hope you see yourself as slim now, becasue believe me you are!
Thanks Linda - if I can be half as good as you at encouraging and inspiring clients then I shall be well happy!
Hi Vicky - thanks again - not feeling so slim today (went to Cadbury World on Tuesday - take it from me, 3 kids aren't enough to pull me off chocolate!!!!)
Onwards and downwards tho !!!

Fantstic photos and AKB you look so healthy and well as does Lisa!!

Inspirational for sure!

Love Mini xxx