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i know we have answered some of each other's post and you have been really supportive!

my friend at work came in today and showed me your cut out of the article in monday's northampton's newspaper. i live in milton keynes and work at BT. I am so sorry i have forgotten her surname (begins with C) but she has two daughters one of them is emma whose actually getting married the same day as me next year strangly enough!
she came to your wedding and you use to work together!

just thought i would let you know what a small world it is and she is so so so proud of you!!! she is even thinking of doing cd herself and i was going to refer you as her cdc lol before i knew she knew u!
Hi Louisa!

Wow - what a small world! Thanks so much for your lovely post - I didn't spot it yesterday but it's made my day today!

I've been desparately racking my brains trying to think who it is - (my memory isn't what it was!!) what's your friend's first name?? Did she live in Duston? OMG - how old am I if their little kids are getting married???????

Keep going on CD - you are doing brilliantly - I so wish I had known about CD before I got married in my size 24 wedding marquee! - Ask your friend - I was a right porker!!!!

Lots of love,
Right, brains well and truly racked....

I'm thinking it's got to be one of two lovely ladies who used to live in Duston. One had the initials EC but I thought she had 2 sons and a daughter and her daughter's name starts with A. The other lady had the initials SJ and had 2 daughters (they were tiny little kids - eek, I'm old) but I can't remember their names. SJ had been very very poorly after I left BT in 1993 but made a full recovery so I heard.

If it's neither of them I'm going to have to dig out my wedding video and look thru all the guests cos I don't remember anybody else with last names starting with C or daughter's called Emma. Hummm, you've got me really thinking hard now. If I've got it wrong don't for goodness sake tell them, I wouldn't want to upset anyone!

Gah, I am just so hopeless with names...... Let me know quick Louisa - put me out of my misery!!!

i am so sorry i didnt realise i hadnt told u her name lol

its sue and i am sure she said her surname with a C

oh her other daughter is joanne

she is 50 + i wont say her age on here incase she sees hehehe
Thanks Louisa!
So it's Sue - I remember her - she was always very kind and motherly towards me - tho I must have been a most exasperating colleague:eek:

Most of the other phone operators were working mothers who worked eve/weeknds to fit in with their families - I was young, free, single (and fat) and working 2 or 3 jobs and managing a houseful of mad foreign lodgers in order to study and pay off my mortgage!

I did 3 years at BT and it was all pretty good, bit boring sometimes esp. when they first started charging for DQ cos we got no calls but I learnt loads and my party trick was being able to guess the location from just the STD code (truly sad:rolleyes: ).

Please say hi to Sue for me and I'd love to hear from her anytime. Is she on here at all?

Better go, cat's just toppled over the ironing mountain - pesky creature!

Lots of love,
she doesnt come on here (yet) she said she will wait till she has her hol in oct then start cd lol

i am a repair advisor in mk, i started last june on 999's and operator services but in june of this yr they closed that department down and made it into repair. alot of the people i work with are from northampton as 3yrs ago the northampton centre closed and moved to mk and alkot of the people kept their jobs.

she works mon-wed at the mo but will tell her hi and ask her to give u a ring sometime??

Hi Louisa,
Gosh, you're an early bird - you were on here 3 hours ago??

Please pass on my best to Sue and say I'd love to hear from her. I'll PM you my telnos in a mo!

I can understand her desire to start CD after her hol - I'm away at wedding/holiday from next Friday until 9th Oct and I'm going to find it really hard if not impossible to do CD maintenance - esp. as I don't know if I can take tetras with me (they might be bombs!) and I don't really like packs that much! I'll have to be really careful as on my Easter hols I gained 19lbs in 10 days - and half the week I was really flippin' good:mad:

Anyway, good luck for tomorrow's WI - bet you'll do brilliantly! Have you measured yourself to see how many inches you've lost?