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alcohol !! bad stuff!!

hey everyone, i give in to temptation, and had 1 small vodka, and i mean small!

we were havin a bbq, i was feeling so left out, every one else was havin so much fun, i felt like a lemon!

resisted the food no problem, but i find, that im missing out on the social, aspect of enjoying a drink, i guess old habits die hard.

1/2 hour later i had my head down the toilet, then went to bed, i was so ill!:jelous::sick:

i have learned the hard way! do not have any alcohol on this diet its not worth it, let my stupidness be a warning!:doh:

Seriously considering givin it up altogether, what ever else i have missed on this diet, Hangovers i deffinatly do not!
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Aww you know what, we all have slip ups and problems on this diet at some point...even if they are mental ones. The main thing is you know that the vodka made you feel terrible and you don't want to drink it again.

I'm sure you will be fine the rest of the diet, Good Luck!

Miss Bean x


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Stick with the no vodka while you are on TFR, but once you are on re-feed/maintenance, you will soon enjoy a vodka again with the same affects that it had on you pre-lipotrim. (Little hangover lol)


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Hope your feeling better. I had no idea the affect would be that bad. Oh damn!! I was gonna have a sneaky glass of wine on my 40th b'day in a few weeks. I guess that is out the question.


Here we go again!
I'm glad you posted this to warn people of the dangers!

Last year on this, someone went out and drank and ended up in a ambulance and hospital, they couldn't even walk!

Hope you're feeling better and a tough lesson to learn but good on you for sticking with the diet, you will get to goal!
thanks guys all better now, i wonder why my post was moved, i hope i didn't write anything wrong! just meant to warn anybody else about thinkin about alcohol on tfr
hi funny enough i come on here to give the same warning , i went slightly worse though . i decided i wud have a rum and diet coke, 5 or 6 later (yes i wonder if i am totally mad after 13weeks of no food )i hit the deck cudnt get me to move was sick as a dog etc they were gonna call an ambulance but decided against it in the end am ok today other than the shame of it all and no hang over but again still learnt a huge lesson
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