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Alcohol deterrance - Whats the key

I am enjoing slimming world and food wise I am excellent. My downfall (without sounding like an alcoholic) is wine. Once I open a bottle I have to finish it. If it wasn't for the wine I'm sure I would have lost a lot more by now.

Apart from things like mayonnaise and cheese - All my syns are spent on wine. How do you keep away when you are stressed.

Its probably habit for me and I need to change that.

Advice required and greatly accepted
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I think you need to try to break the habit, or start to have it watered down with diet lemonade....?

If i get stressed i reach for sweet stuff, but i was known to have a vodka too many sometimes.

I think if you are still losing weight, then dont worry too much about it - if you use your syns on wine, then thats your choice! I am sure there are people who use them on chocolate, crisps or nuts!!!

Thanks EB - I suppose I could have white wine with diet lemonade which would halve my intake. I could start that with only drinking half the bottle and cut back - I will try this - Thank you


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I also know it sounds daft but you can buy little bottles - i think i got a 500ml one from Tesco the other day - so its not 3 large glassesits just 2??

Mentally then you are finishing the bottle, but less syns - !?

good luck hun xxx

Hey Susie :)

If you are worried about the undrunk wine oxidising in the bottle, why not buy a box? Spirits with zero calorie mixers are supposed to be less synful than wine.

Or join me in my booze free March mini challenge on our WI thread.

As for relaxing distractions, maybe a nice bath or a play on the Wii. I plan on substituting wine this weekend with amazing food.
I do love a glass of wine myself, but i have been trying to go cold turkey without it since starting to try and lose weight, because, like you, one glass is never enough! ;) I find it best to just go without as cutting down isn't an option, once i've got the taste for it, it's all over!

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Hi hun, I was the same and I agree I think it's more habit than anything else! Now, I have one drinking night a week - usually a Friday or Saturday, I certainly don't binge but probably have 2 large glasses on this day. The rest of the time, I have water with NAS squash or a Diet Coke - without sounding like an alcoholic - I'm really not! I tend to have these drinks in a wine glass with my evening meal, half the time it's the feel of the wine glass as a relaxant not the actual drink - geez, I really do sound like I should be at AA!! For me, I know my losses are so much better when I cut down drastically on the booze, especially the wine! Alternatively why not try shorts (vodka, gin) as a long drink instead?? Serve with Slimline tonic, Diet Coke etc. xxx


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I was really bad for having a drink every night. And my will power goes when I drink too. After a couple of really heavy weekends over Christmas I decided to not have any in January. The first week was hard and after that it was pretty easy. Now I just have the odd glass at the weekend (of course I drink when I'm out but thats not even once a week). It really is a habit more than anything else. I feel so much better now, skins better too

Give it a try


I'm in exactly the same boat but have just discovered 5.5% first cape wine which is only 12 syns for the whole bottle and comes in white, rose and red. Its really yummy too! And still tastes winey!

hope that helps!

Lucy xx


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You sound just like me. My to favourite things are red wine and cheese. The cheese I can substitute, but I'm drinking, its got to be a nice large glass of red. I know vodka and diet pop is the 'best' thing to drink diet wise, but it just doesn't do it for me.

The good thing about SW is that it works around this, I now allow myself a drink one night a week, and by a drink, I mean the whole bottle. More if I fancy it. I take my syns as 105 for the week as opposed to 15 per day, and I can easily allocate the rest of my sybs around my weekly treat and still have plenty to go round :D
The best point at which to reduce your alcohol intake at home, is at the shop.

If you don't have it at home, then you can't drink it.

Sorry, I don't mean to sound flippant, but I do find that this works for me. I will eat or drink something if it is in the house, but if it isn't I won't even think about it.
Wow, thanks for all your responses. I will definitely try that first cape and also dilut wine with diet lemonade. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who struggles in reducing their alcohol intake. I work shifts and after a few stressful days in work the only way I relax is by having a bottle of wine. I must find some other way of relaxing.

It would save me a fortune also
I prefer my spritzers with soda water rather than diet lemonade - tastes too sweet with the lemonade for me.

I try not to have too much wine in the house - if it's there, I'll drink it. My partner and I used to regularly get through about three bottles over the course of a weekend (we don't really drink during the week). Now I only buy one bottle and I find that I don't feel deprived - it's just becoming a habit to drink a bit less.
We have just completed a month without alcohol and I have lost 5lb which is amazing for me. I was falling into the wine trap - like you only planning to have one glass but always going back for just one more... This month I haven't really missed alcohol but really notice the difference in my will power! And I feel like it has helped me break the habit of drinking wine and now I'm going to stick to spirits and diet mixers.
I bought Weight Watchers wine from Asda for about £3 something and on the syns online its 4syns for a 125ml glass which is 20 syns for the bottle still not great i know but its stronger than a low alcohol wine like first cape so you could have less of it perhaps. I really miss wine tbh and blew a week by having a bottle but you have to draw a line, after all one nights merriment or a lifetime of being a skinny minny? xxx


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My downfall is beer... pints of thestuff, have done since I was a teenager.... for me, I make sure I only drink when I'm out, which up until a week or 2 ago was twice a week, sometimes 3 - so I've done more driving than normal, so I have to stick to diet coke that evening, as I have been known to knock back 6 or 8 pints..... I limit to 3 or occasionally 4 now...but always within my syn allowance, and I'm trying to organise the week better, as my 'normal'. nights were day before WI and day after WI, so trying just a Friday night, with a couple of driving sessions thrown in!!

Never really been much of a wine drinker, but would either go down the adding soda route, or, if better straight, get the smaller bottles, and drink just the one... I'm sure you'll work out what's best for you
Talking of wine, i've got a birthday do tonight and all the girls going are wine lovers... so i need some extra strong willpower! I am going to try a glass of sparkling water for every wine i have. Fingers crossed!

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