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Alcohol Syns??????


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Im not totally sure what you mean? If your talking spirits you just need to know if your glass is a single or a double. Sometimes pubs serve doubles as standards (for the £££) so its best to ask, or just specifically ask for a single if you're not sure, although again some pubs only have a double optic on the bottle. Also depends what optic your pub is using as a single can be 25ml or 35ml (so a double is 50ml or 70ml).

The syns book gives them per 35ml, thats probably better so you dont underestimate. All spirits are between 4 and 5.5 per single measure, heres the main ones:

4 syns

4.5 syns
Jack Daniels
Peach schnapps

5.5 syns
Southern Comfort

Basically I would stick to one pub and check/ask what size optic they are using (it has the ml written on the front so you should be able to see without asking anyway, uless they use a thimble in which case you can just ask for a single anyhow) and stick to singles if you can. Obviously have it with diet mixer.