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Hi evrybody,

I just wanted some advice on drinking! I am on my second week of refeed now so out of ketosis, i am just really scared of drinking again due to calories! My friend has asked me to go out, i want to as ive been putting her off for weeks whilst on LT. I just dont want to put weight on!

I normally drink vodka and orange but not sure if the amount of sugar in the orange is a good idea.

I suppose all the dancing would work a lot of the calories off.
Any ideas guys?? xxxxx
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Your not allowed to drink until ive finished then we are both going out and getting off are faces which will then lead onto.....never mind.;) x


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That a promise hun?? xx


weighs a lot less
hi hun im back just go out and enjoy yourself you deserve it but watch out for the hangovers they seem worse than ever xxxx
As for the boozing you want to be careful babe, I reckon its like starting again, imagine your poor liver and kidneys. Im lead to believe vodka is probably the better drink regards calories, I use to drink white wine spritzers they are really moreish but I drink them like water and then fall over:rolleyes:.
Im rubbish are'nt I .:eek:
Hey lill how ya doing did you have a nice time x


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Woohoo Lil i missed ya hun xxx


weighs a lot less
missed you both too garry wheres your picture gone and how you doing tracy had anything nice to eat ? xxx
Hi Tracey.

Please be very careful. I lost loads of weight about a year ago and went out for an Xmas party. (I know understand I was in Ketosis at time, but hadnt heard of it back then!!)
I ended up with alchohol poisoning after drinking very little compared with what I was 'used' to. It scared the living **** out of me. Very Very poorly!!!:( Plus I missed the night too!!

Please have a brill night and dont let it worry you, but just take it easy, and sneak a glass of water down you if you start to wobble.!!

Have a good time. :party0011:


I've been eating and drinking all weekend (more like 5 days actually!) and only put on 1lb, so a couple of drinks will do you no harm Tracy. Just be careful alcohol wise. Saying that, it has actually been taking me more drink than usual to get tipsy since losing the weight. Weird!

I believe one of the best alcoholic drinks calorie wise is Vodka and diet coke.

Have a great night, you deserve it.


xx Cathy xx

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On the opposite side of Laireys post after doing LT last year I got tipsy on one low sugar bacardi breezer! I was literally a light weight hahaha!

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hey tracy, my friend lost loadsa weight with atkins and when she started drinking again used to have gin and slimline tonic and swore by it x

Hi Tracey, I have also heard that Gin & Slimline Tonic are quiet low in calories - when a friend of mine did Atkins she drank Vodka and diet coke, I read somewhere that the clearer the alcoholic drink, the less calories it contains, ie Gin, Vodka, Bacardi etc.

Have a great night out - you deserve it :D


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Hey Tracy,

Go out and enjoy yourself :) Have diet mixers with any spirits you have. Vino is about 150 kcals for a small glass.... but if you are a wine drinker, I am sure one will be ok. Think spirits are about 50kcals per measure.

If your out of ketosis you will be fine. You will prob get drunk really fast as you havent had a drink for a while, but hey... less calories :)

Have fun xx
Nah after i had Millie i thought id get drun really quickly but actually couldnt get drunk it was en expensive night lol xx
Thats cos your so long, you take some filling:pxx
Lol keep it clean Tracy!!!:eek: x
Hahahahahahahahaha xxx

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