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Alex's food diary

Hi all!

Started my diet on5th Jan and although I have been writing a food diary every day, I would also like to keep one on this forum. I believe that I would benefit from feedback off all of you lovely people on what my food habits are and I welcome any suggestions on how I can improve them.

I am halfway through the day so I will write below what I have eaten and will update it at the end of the day.

Thanks x

Thursday 8th Jan 09

crunchy nut cornflakes with milk - 3.5pts
coffee with milk - 0.5pts
small baguette with thin slice beef - 9pts
healthy balance corner (muller) - 3pts
banana - 1.5pts

10.5 points left for dinner
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only advice i would give is to try and keep your food varied and try not to eat the same things all the time.. not only will you get bored, but so will your body and that can slow your progress :)

good luck though.. is your first WI next monday? x
thank you for the advice! I will try to vary my diet, You are so right, i do tend to get bored of the same old thing.

My WI is Monday, I will do it myself as I am going it alone! x
OK- now i have worked out what I am having for dinner I think I am doing just fine today! Added on the rest of my days points.

Thursday 8th Jan 09

crunchy nut cornflakes with milk - 3.5pts
coffee with milk - 0.5pts
small baguette with thin slice beef - 9.5pts
healthy balance corner (muller) - 3pts
banana - 1.5pts
macaroni cheese (low fat) - 9pts
frsh vegetables - free

total points of 25.5, so i have 2.5 points left! might treat myself to one of my left over thorntons chocs i think!

ok, dont think i shall post a food diary today as i have been good all of today except for tonight so i dont think it would be wise!!! not all bad though, i could of been a lot worse!!!!!
food for thought

Today was a very odd day. I did very well with my points/diet today, I just thought it was odd because I made myself eat more fruit than usual and it actually made me feel fuller and better about myself. :D

I'm not usually one to enjoy much fruit, not because I dont like it but because I just have to be in the mood for it! I ate three lots of fruit so now I am very happy, how funny!

Anyhow's, here is what I had today and you guys can judge for yourselves! Any comments/thoughts very welcome!


crunchynut cornflakes with milk - 4pts
coffee with milk - 0.5pt


banana - 1.5pts
orange - 0.5pts
tea with milk - 0.5pts


wafer thin beef sandwich with coleslaw and tomato - 5.5pts
healthy balance yoghurt - 3pts
apple - 1pt


large chicken kebab with salad - 8pts
small portion of fries - 4pts

28.5 points (28 points allowed)
Well done sweetie

Its looks like a well balance diet in today menu.

Keep it up!!!

With you saying you have to be in the mood to eat fruit, but today you did and you felt fuller and better for eating it, maybe it will help you eat more in the week?
thank you happyhoof!

i hope it will encourage me to eat more fruit, i should really. I do eat lots of veg normally so hopefully that makes up for it!

well done for losing 7lb's in the first week!
thank you happyhoof!

i hope it will encourage me to eat more fruit, i should really. I do eat lots of veg normally so hopefully that makes up for it!

well done for losing 7lb's in the first week!
Your welcome :),

Just try to alternit what fruit you eat as the same old get boring then that might change your view on eating more of it

because that happens to me, i eat too many bannas and then i cant face to eat another one as ive got bored of eating it lol
Hi well done soooooooo far.
i like to eat frozen banana,great way to use up ripe bananas,just slice it up and wrap in foil and freeze,its really nice and is abit like banana ice cream,plus takes ages to eat.

Good Luck xx:)
ah interesting, will have to try that frozen banana! sounds interesting! thank you so much for all of your helpful comments, it really does help!

Anyway, here is what I had today!


crunchy nut cornflakes with milk - 4pts
coffee with milk - 0.5pts


banana - 1.5pts
crumpet with low fat butter - 1.5


tomato cup a soup -1.5pts
2 slices bread - 2pts
pear - 1pt
go ahead bar - 3pts


chili con carne with rice (lean meat and low fat sauce) - 10pts
healthy balance yoghurt - 3pts

28 pts in total
Two weeks gone, on week three

Hi all!!!:wave_cry:

I have not written my food diary for a whole week, yes, a whole week! I didnt feel as though i needed to really. I hav
e been getting into the diet extremely well and I have also been keeping a food diary (written one) so I have felt very confident with my diet.

I have lost 5lbs so far and I am so pleased with myself! I have never been very confident with iets before but now i can see it as a complete life change. I knew i would have to make a complete life change if i wanted to get slim and stay slim but i never had the confidence to. Now i am very confident and still excited about losing weight, just getting a little impatient!! I must sound odd!!! lol! oh well, i hope to stay in this frame of mind for the rest of my weightloss! fingers crossed!!!

here is my food diary for today!

2 poached eggs on 1 slice of bread
packet of monster munch
muller light yoghurt
tuna pasta
mustardy pork and leek dinner
ww dessert

totalling 25.5 points (allowed 27):clap:
well, been bad today but i kind of needed it to perk me up and i felt like it was a good idea until after i finished demolishing the lovely food!! Dont think i will tell you all what i ate but i have to say it wasnt good (not too bad) but there was lots of it.

Gonna start a fresh tomorrow and be very good! i think i have lost 4lbs this week but wanted to lose 6 so will see. weigh in day tomorrow night - oh dear!
hi y'all!!

been very good today. thought i was going to be bas as i had to buy my lunch instead of making it (got up very late for work!) and bought a very humungous jacket potato with prawns. Luckily, i have fallen within my points allowance (only just!) so I am still happy!

Will update you tomorrow!
just adding another thread here to say what i have eaten.....

special k and milk
go ahead bar
jacket potato with prawns and mayo
poached cod
muller light yoghurt

Today(well the last two days) have not been very good. I have well and truely fallen off the band wagon!

I think it was something to do with it being cold, snowing and me being a little depressed. Last week I did really well again and lost another 3lbs and was 2lbs off my first stone. But then i think i was disappointed about not reaching that stone and yesterday (very snowy day!), I was depressed about having to go to work when everyone was off so i accepted a hot chocolate from the work restaurant and i bought myself some mini eggs (large bag!). Then i went to the pub for lunch and ate a huge baguette with cheese and chicken with chips.

Today i thought i would try to be good, which started off well, having sorted and prepared everything for lunch, etc, but then I pigged out on pick 'n' mix and then ate a creme egg. Other than that i havent been too bad today. not eaten much for dinner, trying to eat smaller portions.

Will get back on the band wagon tomorrow!:break_diet:


Silver Member
Come on hun!!:D You know you can do this - you've done so well up to now!! Keep your eyes on the prize!!:p
I know it's not always easy but stay focused!!

Good luck!:)

Thank you Jackie!

Seeing your picturesand the amount of weight you have lost is an inspiration in itself! You look teriffic!

Since Monday/Tuesday, I have got back on the bandwagon and in he right frame of mind. I just get very tempted by chocolate, not sure why. I need to work out what triggers me into wanting chocolate and focus on that. I just think I am greedy but maybe its not!

Thank you again Jackie. I will keep up the good work and keep on posting to keep myself on track!


Silver Member
:DGood girl! I know how difficult it can be:cry:. I've been faffing about so much with this last stone and must've tried every diet going. To be honest it took Cambridge to make me realise where i was going wrong and i am determined to get this off and keep it off. I am much more comfortable in my skin now. Weight issues can really take over your life and when i look back i spent most of my 20s and 30s fat and unhappy - What a waste!! I wish i knew then what i know now!

I can honestly say that at 40 years old i am now healthier and fitter than i was when i was 30 (i was like an old woman!:sigh:)

Weight watchers is a great plan and does work!

Keep at it;)!
Thank you again Jaxie!

Well, today I have been very,very good! It's always odd how I seem to be good when i am off work and bad when i am at work. Funny, it used to be different when I tried this diet last time!

Here is todays fod diary........

2 slices wholemeal toast, butter and marmalade - 6
go ahead yoghurt bar - 3
Pasta with mince (small serving) - 5.5
Haddock (poached) - 2
homemade wedges - 2.5
fresh vegetables - 0
muller light yoghurt - 2
ww choc roll - 2
tea/coffee , etc - 2

total - 25 points. 1 point left

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