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Aliflower's food diary

Right, thought i'd start putting some food diaries in here in the hope anyone passing through might be able to pull me up on any potential errors! Have given my food diaries to my consultant but not sure she'll get to read all of them all the time!

So, today, RED

HEA 250ml semi skimmed milk
HEB 42g weetabix crunchy bran

Quorn mini sausages
1.5 syns ketchup tbsp

Salmon flakes
Mixed salad

HEB Alpen Light bar (don't fancy the other one yet)
7 syns Twirl

Chicken breast
Home made syn free bbq sauce
HEA 2 grated babybel
Asparagus and green beans

Rice pudding (leftovers - made yesterday with yesterdays HEA so hoping don't have to count it today!)

Total syns 8.5
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Oh what a twit :rolleyes: it dawned on me this morning that of course the rice pudding was not ok last night because it was RICE! Am so used to doing extra easy, really need to keep my wits about me when doing green or red days! So that's an extra 7.5 syns for yesterday, 16 in total. Am glad it's the start of a new week today!!
So far....

HEB 28g dorset nutty muesli
Mullerlight, apple and bananananananana :D
HEB 2 alpen light (only had one so far)

Quorn mini sausages and 1 syn ketchup
Salmon flakes and mixed salad

Mint viscount (YUM!) 3.5 syns
2 finger kitkat 5.5 syns

Dinner will be same as last night so that's chicken, bacon, syn free sauce and HEA 2 babybels, plus asparagus and green beans

This gives me one more HEA so might have another 2 cheesies to nibble on!
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Welcome back extra easy - I've missed you!! Found it really tough on red yesterday was hungry and couldn't face fruit or mullerlight....

HEA - 250ml semi skimmed
HEB - 42g weetabix crunchy bran

Breakfast 1 straight after gym was rice pudding made with water, splash of milk from HEA and sweetner
Breakfast 2 was my HEB and milk from HEA

2 apricots
1 nectarine

Lunch - Thai noodle mugshot - 0.5 syn
Wafer thin turkey
salad...which I've yet to buy.....

Dinner - Pasta n sauce (not sure which one yet, got loads need to check the syns on them all....) 2 quorn sausages and whatever veg I've got left in the fridge :D

Supposed to be going to the cinema tonight so might need to buy some grapes to smuggle in!

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