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All by myself and dragging the husband along!

Breakfast - groundhog breakfast
Decaf coffee, 100ml skimmed milk, two tbspn sugar free syrup
30g oats, mullerlight, frozen berries

Small slice of lasagna with naughty cream sauce - 3syns -ish
Salad with lettuce cucumber beetroot and lemon juice
A low fat hartley jelly made up 1.5syns (I think)

Left over chicken saag and brown rice

A satsuma

Loads of water throughout the day, about three cups of tea and I managed the 10,000 after a long walk planned with www.plotaroute.com.

Trying to stay on plan for weigh in tomorrow and said to hubby cinema plus two long walks needed this weekend
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Just weighed in 92.2 kg giving about 5lbs off this week. Gotta love the first week huge weight loss! Not bad considering we didn't start till New Years Day. Takes me back to the 4 stone loss. 2lbs away from the one-nderful hundreds and 9lbs from my mini end of Jan target.


Starting over
I do have some weights and things so I'd thought about doing some arm stuff, but wasn't sure if baby would like it, especially as I'm not used to it so my exercise has become turning over in bed and occasional toilet visits. Hoping to go swimming next week though.

Congrats on the big loss, I love first weeks too :)
Swimming might be fun. I'm only allowed to do gentle exercise when the ivf process starts, swimming is OK until implantation week. Sounds so romantic!

Same as always

So I have the new step tracker thing and they put up weekly challenges where 10 people compete. I'm too competitive so I want to come first. Everyone else is struggling to make 10,000 a day but I've bloke goes well over. So I picked a route of 7miles and dragged hubby. Halfway we hit a cafe and had a decaf tea and shared a bacon roll (no sauce or butter).

Went to Toby but piled on veg, cut fat on meat and only had a bit of stuffing and gravy.

Didn't expect to do this but ended up in Ikea looking at kitchens add we are extending at the moment. All in all dive over 10miles walking today! Although toward the end my toe started hurting and my toenail had dug into my other toe and it's bled quite bad. Arghh. Hopefully I can do the 10,000 tomorrow and keep my streak.

So then we popped into Tesco and I was looking at the popcorn. There's a new high priced one mint and white chocolate. I thought well can't do that as it will be more syns than my usual sweet and salty but no, it's less! Only just but less. How can that be? Not that nice in the end! So I had a few of those and a babybel light.

We are both so tired just microwaved the remaining leftover hash thing from the fridge. So tired and my husband can't keep his eyes open lol
As per usual with my groundhog day breakie, but I did check the milk that the new machine uses 75ml skimmed milk so I had two coffees today totaling the 150ml towards the HexA so I need to bump that up daily with a babybel or two.

Iceland lamb shank with minted gravy apparently free food(!) had that with carrots, cabbage and some mashed potato and lots of mint sauce. Why does mint sauce make everything taste lovely!?!?

We were in iceland and I got tempted by the club biscuits. At 111 kcal or something in that region I am giving it 5 1/2 syns

I've had about three cups of tea with skimmed milk aswell

Still my favourite SW meal, kidney bean tacos with egg wrap and lots of salsa (cucumber, tomato, red onion, coriander and lime juice)

Did 13,000 steps mostly in the rain. Not sure I will keep this up when it does start to rain more.

My friend convinced me to get tickets for the darts at Lakeside on Friday. Got to save some syns for a pint or two there.
I weigh myself every day which is bad but I noticed a little gain yesterday so no more double coffees on top of the club biscuit days. Could also have been the shank but because I'm on a deadline (which has now been changed to the 24th Jan) I need to get back to what I know

Same overnight oats with muillerlight and fruit (being very careful of the amount of fruit I pour out)
coffee 75 ml skimmed milk

Taco bean salad with egg wraps and salsa. I also put 1/3 of lime and coriander rice so thats about 1 syn

Made SW lamb hotpot. 1 syn and green beans. We are storming through the veg at the moment. I think I started the week with 3 swede and 3 kg of carrots, now only one of each left. I had a light babybel and didn't make my step target :( Only hot 7500 as John Lewis kept me waiting in for a call that didn't happen grrr. I went out to sainsburys at 9:15pm to get some things for tomorrow but it has to be a good 90 minutes walking to get the steps in. I am off into the office tomorrow so will do over 10k so over the two days I should be good. Pretty disappointing though as I've lost the streak.

Made up the lunches for tomorrow already but because most of the day was lost, I didn't get the water amounts in. Must do better on that. I might have to buy a litre bottle and drink from that to know if I hit 2 litres or not. SO difficult to count 8 glasses without losing track. Easy to do it today as it was only 2 lol.

Anybody else feel that the minimins forum in general is a bit quiet? Feel free to say hi in my diary page :)
I'm glad I'm not the only scale-hopper! I have done well this week and resisted temptation to keep jumping on.
The forum does seem quiet, especially since the last time I came on! Hopefully they don't close it down again :(
The lamb hot pot sounds yummy xx
I know they say it is bad but it really keeps me going, if its a little less it spurs me on not to cheat. If its a little more and I know I have been good I just think that a big loss is coming and can't jeopardise it.

30g oats
2/3 cup frozen berries
Coffee 75ml of skimmed milk
SF monin - 0 syns

taco salad loads of salsa - no syns

I picked up a salted caramel chocolate that someone had brought in - giving it about 4 syns but it was good and I stopped at one.

Two satsumas on the train home.

Diet coke at a meeting - ARGHHHH I forgot it has caffeine.

Left over hotpot and carrots, green beans and cabbage 1syn
Hartley jelly pack thing - 1 1/2 syn
Had a nibble and I mean nibble of hubbys gold club biscuit - 1 1/2 syn
Cup of tea with sweetner and a dash of Skimmed milk

Ok so I was rushing about in the London office I forgot to drink water! Also I have done over 13000 steps so made up for yesterdays shortfall. Got to stay in tomorrow to be in for a number of workmen but need to get my walk in somewhere and watch my Hex A and water intake.
Since I got up at 5:30am and then had to stand an hour on the train due to overcrowding I forgot the best thing about today. I got into my size 16 work trousers! These are not stretchy so no forgiveness and was in them pre holiday. Woo Hoo
So the same breakfast...

Bean tacos with salsa - it's just so easy and quick

Roast beef with SW potatoes, carrots, cabbage, green beans and an aunt bessy yorkshire 3 syns

I tried the new caramel and dark sprinkles ML as well 0syns

About three cups of tea and 13000 steps and counting. Even managed two fit in five from Sky. Absolutely shattered lol


Oh that's a massive plate. I also made SW scotch eggs too have something in the fridge for the OH whilst I'm in Finland. Just stuffed one into my face before going to Tesco to do presnow shopping. Add 1/2 syn to today. Very naughty as I was full
Just noticed your starting weight was similar to mine . I started 18.13 . Was 17.8 when I joined club last week. Whats your weight now if you DNt mind me asking, be great to have someone in front of me
I started at 18st 7lb and at last weeks weigh in 14st 7lb. You can update it in your profile so its hows under your photo <<<< over there lol. I kept going off plan then back on. Lowest I got was 13st 8lb but holidays and going for an operation had me yoyo-ing up and down. Glad I've kept most of it off and I am determined to keep it off. Stepping on teh scales and being close to 15st after Christmas scared me especially after having to look for old bigger clothes.

Breakfast well I was brave and tried the Zoats. I did some courgette shredded finely in a bowl, 30g oats and added some water. 2 mins in microwave then added my defrosted frozen fruit. Added some cinnamon and a few drops of vanilla essence then put a ML vanilla on the side. Could,'t taste the veg at all! I put cinnamon in rhubarb crumpble when I make it and it weirdly reminded me of that. Would have been a bit weird without the ML though!
Coffee - 75 ml skimmed milk
2 tbspn SF monin

I had a mini peperami - 1/2 syn
SW scotch egg - 1/2 syn
Babybel light

Then I had the worlds longest nap!

Got up and had taco bean things and egg wrap with salsa. Had to make a fresh batch up so used quorn chicken pieces and it will do for lunch tomorrow.

Kind of rushed. 2 slices of cold beef, carrotts a bit of cabbagae and mint sauce (everything tastes so much better with mint saiuce!)

I also had a nibble at some mince pie icecream which is so weirdly tasting that you only have a bit and its enough! 3syns

I had to go out walking in the rain. Dam it I am at 9500 steps for today. I might go marching round the house but thats a lot of laps! Had water earlier in the day but still didn't make my goal amount I am getting a bit fed up of waking up to pee in the night!
You've done so well already then with your loss. Iv decided that once I reach target say for example 13 I'm goin to weigh every month and if I ever touch 14 goin bck on to get back down to where I want to be . What size are you in at 14.7 I'm hoping 13.13 with be a 14 I might be hoping abit to much lol. I'm 5ft 7

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