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All i can think about is food

Stay away from the food Shan, you cannot let Team Pink down, the only person you will letting down is yourself and you do not wan tto that. Listen to the angel Shan. I am sure you will be fine, just a hard day. Tomorrow will be better
Awww bless you we all know what you're going through. Try, somehow, to take your mind off it all. I find dieting easier when I'm at work than on my days off. So get busy! Or do something else that you like. Good luck!
keep busy hun...and think that the food that you are wanting wil still be there once you have lost the weight that you want to lose...you can do it..and we are all here to keep you company if you want to be distracted :D...i soo know the feeling though lol..we all have them kiind of days :(
Thank you all. I am determined and will not be giving in to temptation. Starting to feel quite pleased with myself now for having the will power to resist. I just keep looking at mine and other peoples skinny and not skinny pics to keep me motivated.
Plus hubby is feeling the same and not giving in so I'll be damned if I'm the one to blow it all.
Its not that I'm even hungry. i do think i will be better if i was busy but i have my arm in pot and can't do much, but it comes off a week today so i will be able to keep busy and forget about food. x
Ah Shan, someone else with her arm in plaster, my wifes plaster comes of on July 5th. It must be very nice having both of you doing this at the same time, my wife starts hers in about 6 weeks, they say to give it 3 months after an op.


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well done shan , just picture your self slim . I love this saying "Nothing tastes better than thin feels " .
Soon you will be able to enjoy food again in a healthy way x
Good luck and i hope it gets better for you xx:)


Are We There Yet?
It will pass :) well done on staying strong :)
Thanks Mark

It has been the longest 3 days and I am food obsessed!
Good luck today - try and breath through your mouth ;)

Why am I awake so early??? Still really tired :)
Sleepy rant over :)

Carly xx
Thanks everyone, seems you were all correct cos by this morning the craving had passed. Found today a little too easy and only had a shake or soup cos i thought i better eat not cos i was hungry or wanted to eat everything in sight like yesterday. Result.... x


Are We There Yet?
Yay! Ketosis must have joined ya for a dance lol


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i still get days like this but i just tell myself i am not giving up and i do get through the day by posting on here if i can. its not easy, but if u crave come here it is a safe place to vent and read how others are doing, to keep you motivated. but please remember even when not hungry u must have 3 a day for your nutrients.

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