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All Inclusive Hol - any tips?!


Woman on a mission!
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Hi all

I am going on hols in 2 weeks (YIPPEEEEE!) and am spending 10 days in Egypt, all inc.

Now, whenever I have been AI before, I have said I would be 'on plan' and then proceeded to have pina colada's on the hour and general badness!

However, this time I truly believe that my mindset has changed, and I dont want to blow my hard work in 10 days.

So - has anyone got any good tips for me from when they have been AI?

My strategy and plan so far is that my hotel has a gym, so planning on using that a few times and going to do some swimming every day. I am also going to ditch the pina colada's in favour of water in the day and a few vodka with diet cokes in the eve.

Anything else that has worked for you in the past that you can share with me?

thanks in advance!
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Go to the gym!!! Be good on your meals and have alcohol with diet mixers!!! Spoil yourself once a day!!!

I went to Turkey for a week and STS and then recently went to Cuba for 2 weeks and gained 5.5 over that time (not enough gym clearly!!!)

Have a superb holibobs! xxxx
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Alot of the food in egypt is mostly meat and pasta based dishes, but they are usually accompanied by cheese, lots of! I wouldnt touch the salad unless you have a cast iron belly as they wash it in tap water and may make you ill. I would personally just enjoy it hun and get back on plan when you return home. Thats what holidays are for...enjoying! xx


Vegetarian who lives2eat
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Where abouts are you going in Egypt? I have booked a A/I in Taba , so any tips you get I will find helpful as well. Mind you as a veggie Im not sure what sort of food will be on offer for me?
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im afraid im too busy being jelous to help you!!!

Jokies! - just watch for salads as already mentioned..

and deffinatly swim, and the more BOTTLED water you can drink the better! x


Woman on a mission!
S: 11st9lb C: 11st9lb G: 10st2lb BMI: 28 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks for your help all, I will try my best to stay on plan - I have too much to try to slim for than just chucking it away on a ten day break!

eye6769 - I am going to Hurghada, cant wait!


Plodding on.......
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I'm not sure I have any tips for you other than to try and fill your plate with veg and fruit before looking at the other stuff. Then enjoy a little of what you fancy. However I really feel for you and have all my fingers crossed that you have a great holiday AND manage to stay in control. I know you will feel really good if you do. However, if you can't manage that in the end, don't feel guilty, just get back on plan and carry on. Well done for your achievements so far.
i went to egypt last year
i wasnt on sw then but was in general trying not to be a pig lol and i think i managed it -

in the mornings they will make you a fresh ommlette
add things like beans and a slice of toast

lunch - hardly bothered with lunch as was still full from breakfast. also the heat makes me not want to eat as much

dinner - there was a fresh pasta station where you could choose exactly what you wanted in it. there was always some meat or fish, veg and potato. and then a couple of the local dishes which to be honest were pretty healthy looking like cous cous

only thing to really watch is the dessert table!! and your drinks!!


On A Mission!
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I went on an AI holiday for the first time ever, in August. I went to Tunisia. I was sooooo good all week, I ate just 3 peaches during the day, a plate of salad and and grilled fish for dinner, drank only water ( i dont drink alchohol anyway, miserable sod i am lol) and had maybe 3 white coffees during the day. For my efforts i put ON 2.5lbs. Im still sulking about it now lol, but it had to be fluid retention from the heat and it came off pretty quickly once i got home.

Congratulations on getting to your goal weight! thats fantastic, and a wonderful start to your holiday! I hope you have a fab time, and enjoy it! Most important thing is that you have a great time, but fingers crossed for you that you dont do any lasting damage to your weight. They do a lot of cous cous in Egypt, I love it and its a pretty healthy choice. Im sure you know what you need to avoid, but the temptation is hard when you are faced with it every meal time on holiday, and especially the alcohol if you love to have a drink.
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i cant give advise either i went on a 23 day food inclusive cruise a year and a half ago and gained 1 whole stone couldnt get the trousers done up for departure that i wore on arrival i was glad i packed some leggings !!!! i did lose it really quickly after lol
i went all inclusive to jamacia in august for a week and only put on 2 lb. i ate and drank everything in sight.

went to florida for a week in may and ate loads but drank only diet cokes etc. i lived on steak and chips and snacked constantly. i lost 2 lb. the only thing i can think of is the walking and the heat made me lose weight! i was very happy with my weight loss. my darling daughter aged 14 put on 2lbs but she went a bit mad with crisps!

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