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Alot of questions, Help!!

Hi hunny's

Im hoping some of you will be able to help me, i have a few questions which i would love to be answered.

1. This is my third time on Cambridge and well the other 2 times i didnt manage past the first week. Now im planning on sticking to the diet 100% and am looking to lose around 5 stone by 12th July is it possible? My start weight will be the higher end of 18stone something.

2. Currenly im wanting to train for a cycle race which will mean alot of time out cycling, maby for a hour or two which i can manage at the moment, now the question is ive read that for the first 2 weeks to lie low, after that would it be possible to start my training? Or will it really damage my health?

3.Is there any tips anyone can give me to get past the first week? Last time i quit was because i wanted food so badly (Didnt want to do ss+ though) and when i tried the bars they were so bloody bad :( and my willpower was nothing. At the moment i know i need to do something as im going to see the tour de france in july and i just dont want to be fat and would love to be a size 16.

Hope someone can help


Nessy xx
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Carpe diem, baby!
1. It is very possible to lose a stone per month, so by July you could be down to 13 stone or less depending on your weight loss speed, etc.

2. It is suggested if on sole source that you should take it easy exercise-wise for the first week. I went to the gym throughout my times on sole source and I felt great. Don't forget your 4 litres of water per day to keep hydrated though!

3. Just think of all the weight you will lose once you get into ketosis. (A possible 5 stone by July) The worst is days 1 - 4 usually. The hunger tends to subside thereafter. Think about your goals and what mini goals you want to achieve, that ought to keep you going, focussing on the future.

Hope this helps. I didn't do Cambridge but did lipotrim and lighterlife which were both sole source...so similar.
Thanks nexangelus :), thats good to know, id love to lose the 5 stone more would be brill :D. I think this time around i will just think of the loses and nothing else as it will be worth it in the long run. Thank you for the advise also on the exercise means alot to me that i can still do it

Nessy xx

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