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Already aware how silly...and now....

G: 9st3lb
Hey everyone, had a massive day of cheating today....have been grumpy all week and needed to eat, and i did and i do not feel great so at least i know i wont be doing it again on the diet- needed to do it to realise that feeling hungry is better than feeling gassy, and sick, and like you need the toilet constantly but cant go...


Anyway, does anyone have a plan of action for me now....does anyone know the following:

Will it take 3-4 days to get into ketosis again, just like starting over, or will it be easier as its only one day eating?

How much should i expect to have put on as a result?

Will exercising tomorrow get me in ketosis quicker?

Anyone thats got any ideas how to get me back on the straight and narrow asap id be more than grateful- dont want to have wasted 25 days on the diet and need to get back on it like NOW! LOL XXXX
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it really depends on what u ate.
if u had mainly proteins and low carbs, betting back into ketosis shoudnt be a problem and u may well be back in within 24-48 hours.
however, if u ate high carbs, thats another matter and it may take a few days.
i would recommend getting straight back on and drinking plenty of water.
although sticking to the diet 100% is the best thing to do, i believe that when u have a day off and get straight back on , that is to be commended.
glad u managed that.
if it was only one day and u didnt go TOO mad, u may still have a small loss as long as u get right back on and up the fluids.
hope this helps...... gl.


I will get to goal .....
Hey chick,

Just replied to your PM!!

I would go do some exercise now and work off the excess carbs. Perhaps 30-45 mins on the cross trainer or a long walk!!! May also aid your bloated/sicky feeling. In the past I have always exercised the day before starting CD and usually in ketosis by day 2, 3 at the latest ;)

If you are feeling rubbish after food, I would have my CD packs as normal tonight. No point adding more food to a) make the damage worse or b) feel more sick/ill than you do now ;)

C'mon, no point beating yourself up. Just find the quickest path back to being good. And babes, you should try splitting your packs to help the hunger subside. I very rarely feel hungry and have 6-8 small meals each day. Give it a go xxxxxx
G: 9st3lb
Nope im done now no more eating again till ive finished my journey no no no NO....and to be honest i wouldnt like to write down how much ive eaten...im defo out of ketosis as it was carbs
weetabix and milk...raisens, slice of bread and jam, four rice cakes, half a chicken and stuffin sandwich, a nutrigrain bar and some fruit tellas...LOADS I KNOW...im mortified to write it down...

Makes it worse than my bros in hosp and we are not allowed to see him at the moment and i got a letter this arvo saying keep up the diet you look so good already- made me feel like *****!!! Let him down, let myself down, my family down, you guys down!
And i thought i felt bad hungry!




I will get to goal .....
Oh yes and get that water down ya girlie!!!!! Flush it out :D


I will get to goal .....
Hun, you haven't let anyone down. You have done sooo well so far and today is just a tiny part of your journey. You are only human afterall and not eating is tough sometimes.

What counts is that you get back to it and finish your journey off. I know how much you want it and you will get there ;)

Sorry to hear your bro is poorly :(
look u have realised that it is soo not worth cheating. You have let no one down. Just get back with it now and keep going eyes on the prize yes? Im a cheater to with 2weetabix and a yoghurt managed to put on 2lbs that week but was also totm so dunno if that helped. I felt like you after rotton like a failure. But if it wasnt for this site i would have given up and went on a serious binge :)


Striving to be good.....
Its just a mistake FP13

Its happened. We all do it - well not all but I certainly have.
Ate everything in sight one sunday and got straight back into it on Monday.
Yes, I came out of ketosis, but i still lost 5 lb that week. You still have your other 6 days of packs only - so think about it, you must lose something.

Come tomorrow, act as if you did nothing wrong today - just chill and forget it. You will still be just as welcome when you reach the world of slimdom ;)

Be gorgeous.....

Michelle x



MUST get a grip
You havent let anyone down at all hun - infact the complete opposite, you have done something (eaten) that's made you realise exactly how important completing your journey actually is - which from what I see is only a good thing - so STOP! Pat yourself on the back for ONLY eating what you have and STOPPING yourself! You could use one blip, because that's all it is as an excuse to eat ALL weekend, then all week then all month - but you've not! SO WELL DONE YOU xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
G: 9st3lb
Thanks everyone...i underestimated how much it would help to hear people say to carry on and get back on etc....i will always make sure i do it for everyone else in future now ive been there!
Im going to do as Dobbie suggested and split my packs up so im not so hungry all the time....also get back to my 4-5 litres as i had been neglecting that a bit!
I WILL do this...i will lose my 37lbs and hey it may take me a week longer because i fell off the wagon- but its a week!
Thank you everyone, you've all been ace....its times like this that you realise just how impotant minimins is for success!!!!


Short and pink
S: 12st7lb C: 8st4lb G: 8st0lb Loss: 4st3lb(33.71%)
I wish you'd change your name. You're not a fat pig. No one here is, but especially not someone who is ten stone. It makes me really upset to see people being mean about themselves because of what they weigh.
G: 9st3lb
Well....my name isnt saying i was one...it was reflective of my state of mind and how i felt about myself at the time. I was pretty much at my personal lowest when i joined the site...it certainly wasnt to upset or offend anyone.
Seeing as it clearly as i have asked if there is anyway i could change it.


Short and pink
S: 12st7lb C: 8st4lb G: 8st0lb Loss: 4st3lb(33.71%)
Oh, it's okay, it's not offensive! I just get sad when people are down on themselves, that's all.

I am recovering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder (diagnosed a few years back, and 10000% better than I used to be) so certainly know the mindset.


Has been AWOL
S: 15st11lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st13lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 3st1lb(19.46%)
I'm glad you stuck to your promise!! that's your bad day over with :) hope you don't feel too grotty! that's why I don't want to stray, people keep saying how rubbish you feel!

are you going to do your AAM week in week 5? I'm on mine now and it's amazing how much it helps knowing you're going to have that little bit of food (and it really is little. and doesn't contain crumpets :( ), I've been looking forward to it since about week 2!!
G: 9st3lb
Haha....to be fair im not sure i will add a meal...i think today has shown me that i cant just have a little something something!! Its all or nothing! So back on SS with avengence tomorrow!

You certainly do feel rubbish- like i said hunger is a more pleasent sensation than this- and thats saying somethng!

Haha no crumpets- damn it- (warburtons crumpets are the nicest!)

I promise promise promise i wont break again-nothing will touch my lips apart from milkshakes and bars!xxxxx


Has been AWOL
S: 15st11lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st13lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 3st1lb(19.46%)
well I'm using it as a test of my willpower! we've all gotta go back on real food one day.. and right now I have stuff in my fridge but I'm not allowed to touch it :( but then at least if I did pick, it's only at the stuff allowed on AAM week anyway (there is nothing else here!! sorry.. nothing else NICE here. except the jar of choc spread that I'm allowed to smell :) )

liking your new name :D much better than the last one!
Good Luck Daisy - p.s i'm so happy you've changed your name and because of your name I had never even looked at your weight - now I have and I cannot believe it, your a skinny!!! haha - Daisy Duke is so much better
G: 9st3lb
Hahah Tinsel i am not a skinny.....but thanks...my name change seems to have gone down better than fat pig ;) xxxx

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