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Already Cheated...such an Idiot

Iv REALLY got the hump with myself. Only on day 6 and I ate a burger last night (cringe). I have carried on with my shakes today and determined not to let it ruin it but I just though it got easier after first three days and actually it is harder. I miss food so so much. Am questioning whether this diet is right for me? :cry:
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Day 6 here too!

I think you need to give it a little more time to suss out whether its right for you, but you do need to find the right one to be sucessful!
If your on ss maybe you could move up a step and have a small meal with your shakes then work down gradually?

Its very hard to start off in abstinence so by gradually lowering your carb intake you will find you get less cravings and are less hungry.

Maybe have a word with your CDC and see what she thinks?
Being totally honest is the best way to get the right help for you :)

Hope your weigh in goes ok x
To be honest a lot of people around me have been trying to put me off and my partner was like oh it wont hurt...need to have my own mind really and stick to it! Its not about what anyone else thinks i suppose is it...x
I think you should get weighed, you might be surprised!
Either result could push you to be tougher in the future?

Its alot harder to do it with other people in your ear all the time,
you will get stronger as you go on x
Defo get weighed....

And don't let anyone put you off!!!
the first few days are hard, because of the physical effects of getting into ketosis. but that's not the only battle. psychologically you're bound to miss food. as you go on you're exposed to more and more situations where you feel weak, and unhelpful people. everytime you deal with one of those it's a challenge. but after a while, new situations and challenges come up that much more rarely. the first time i had to wait at a railways station and couldn't have a pasty, i cried. now i don't notice. but the other day i went to bluewater and there were all these yummy food concessions and it was hard again - because i hadn't been anywhere like that for a while.

it does get easier, because you get stronger - but it isn't ever easy as such.

the thing is, i think it is easier, for all that, than sticking to other diets for twice as long to get the same loss.
btw - if that'd been my bloke he'd have been sleeping on the sofa. how dare he?
Don't give in. It was a slip, don't worry too much. Im sure you'll still have a great loss so long as you're straight back on.

Honestly, I've done what you did so many times and used it as an excuse to give up. Take it from one who knows, don't quit! Xx
sammyzip50 said:
Question to anyone;

If by chance this slip takes you out of ketosis then is the next day like starting all over again?
Officialy yes. But last time i did this diet and had a cheat, the next day was a little tougher but nothing like the first few xx
Hi guys. Just to let you know I feel great today. I carried on with my shakes and went for an hours walk with my I-pod to walk the frustration off and I came home felt so much better and a lot less guilty. Im getting weighed tomorrow so fingers crossed :) x
If you were in ketosis and you had the burger without the bun/chips/salad you'd probably be okay. It would certainly bump your calorific/fat intake, but as cheats go it's not that bad as red meat is ketogenic. It really shouldn't boot you out of ketosis unless you're very carb sensitive.

Don't beat yourself up about it too much. Get back on the wagon and chalk this one up to experience. Also, boot hubby up the butt for leading you into temptation!

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