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Already getting my energy back!

Im only half way through day 3 and I am already getting my energy back. Its amazing! :D

I have only just had my first "meal" of the day - the choc orange bars (I am never going to tire of those..have I told you how nice they are??....YES I can hear you all shouting!! :p)

I have control of my cravings, Im not hungry, feeling much better and like I can actually start to do things!!! All is good in the exante house!! :8855:

To those of you just starting it is so worth hanging on just for a little longer during the first few days! It feels great!! ;)
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Hi Dreaming2010, this is what I am looking forward to other being thin again, is getting my energy back. Ever since my back and knee ops I have not done much excersise, just got fatter and fatter and lost the will to walk.
Hey dreaming, good to see your feeling better today! Me too, I felt much better for the whole morning which was great. However I had a meeting to go to which meant I had to have my bar at 9am and have only just been able to have my soup at half 4, not even had my shake yet today. That was a real test as by 3pm I wasn't really hungry still just so dizzy and felt like I was going to faint! Won't be doing that again, I also reckon its at those times that I'm likely to cheat so need to make sure I'm eating them at normal times! Anyway I'm rambling, are you still enjoying the shakes?

p.s I just got some ketostixs today and it showed a really high keto reading so am definitely in ketosis...v happy!
Hehe, is this where I'm allowed to point and laugh a little and say "told you so"? :p :D

Glad you're all feeling better. :)


Are We There Yet?
I am glad you are feeling better dream!

I went wrong with my packs today (wrote about it in my blog, so wont bore you here lol) and I went dizzy like you Andrea. Other than that, still feel great! I am loving it. I really want to keep doing this :)
Awww Isis, just read it hun - you poor thing!!! If ever you get to the point of passing out please have some chicken or something..you will still remain in ketosis and I would rather have you alive and well...than in ketosis and dead...

Obviously the aim is to stick 100% to TFR but in some extreme circumstances we have to make some wise decisions/adjustments!

Yambabe - consider me told!! hehe :p Couldnt have done it without you!!


Are We There Yet?
You are right Dream. I will do that in future :)

I am so glad you are feeling better today! Nice to feel you sparkling again.

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