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alternating days ??

does anyone alternate days ?????

do you think it helps with BIG losses ??? really need a good loss this week, otherwise im scared i'll have to pack it up and try soemthing else, weight is not coming off and due to a bad week ive now gained loads, weigh more than when i started 3 weeks ago :cry::cry::cry:
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I dont alternate days, but I do mainly green and then probably once a week I do an EE day. I dont think you lose more if you alternate days. Im not 100% sure x


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Hi there i tend to stick with EE because i enjoy the healthyness of the 1/3 superfree but sometimes i think red would be better because i think i eat to many carbs but i get cravings for pasta on red and dont like to waste my HExs cos i like cereal and cereal bars i might thow a green day in every now and then but cant say i see big differences.


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I think you can lose faster on red (for me anyway as carbs are my downfall) but I do EE as its so easy.

Try it and see - cant do any harm


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I would def say I lose more on red but I am pretty sure that it's more to do with the fact that I can easily overeat on EE. Seems I have a second stomach for carbs
thanks :D.....have decided to do a red week with the possibility of EE at the weekend, just to make life easier etc, fingers crossed i get a good loss....i definately feel my body does not like carbs very much (although i do !!!) i think with the cnhoice of plans there are, its easier to find one that works for us all :D


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I did an alternating week, did 2 Red 3 Green and 2 EE it keeps you thinking and on your toes, and you have to check everything! (but also easy to slip up)
How long have you been doing the plan? Cos it doesnt seem like you've been on it a long time (ive done it once before) and it can take a while for your body to kick in.

Your following the plan and filling in food diaries - for a reason so the consultant can help you (if you go to group) maybe you need to click with EE before trying swapping days! x
Ive been doing EE for the last week but when i previously doen slimming world i stuck to red and had really good losses (ie my first week loss last time i done SW was 9lbs on red days, this time my first week i done EE and lost 4lbs). Suppose everyone is different tho xx


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I find Red is best for a slimming boost - especially if you have some fishy meals. I do a mixture of mainly EE days with a few Red thrown in ... just for the extra HEB really ... sometimes I really need that extra HEB!

Good luck x

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