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Am Craving The Coconut Flapjack !!!!!!


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You delirious Summer? lol
Go for it!!

I am so into them right now,hated them initially but they are top of the pops for me this week.

I haven't tried the soup since week 4,and still not feeling tempted :p


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Same here! I've not even had them yet but it'll be so nice to have something solid and not have to deal with the soup anymore! No amount of pepper makes that thing taste good! XD


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seph - its not cuz i want to 'eat' or chew i just want the taste of it! lol


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haha clearly! :)
i had two soup today lol it was yum.... :):) hopefully it stays like that for awhile longer lol


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Yeah - i have liked it for about 4 weeks but now have gone complety off it! lol


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you've actually put me in the mood for them now, I'm going to get some too! 7 I think, so I can have one per day :) I'm also sick of the soups now... and vanilla shakes, bored of em, strawberry and chocolate shakes are win!


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Oh yes!!! I only ever get the chocolate shake - its the best!! :D


Here we go again!
Can't believe you're craving the coconut flapjack. I could only stomach 3/4 of one. Must be nice to have something to chew though. It would be easier for work too. Enjoy!!


My husband = My hero
Lol im the same as you!!!

iv got 7 in my cupboard, but got to wait 2 weeks til i can have them gutted haha



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Why have ya gota wait???

Im just munching one now - my craving has certainly gone - not sure i even want the rest but i will finish it lol


My husband = My hero
your not supposed to have them until week 2 are you??

and im back to squiare one with ketosis arent i.. xxxx
Isn't it funny how your tastes change.

For me - I can't get enough of the chocolate but I hated them to begin with. Now I can't stand the strawberry ! Wonder what I will like next week !

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