Am I an a**ehole?


Yo-yo dieter here for the gazillionth time
My boyfriend had a hot and spicy sausage from Tesco earlier in the car and the smell drove me insane as I've been battling with a hungry day. He then had a pizza (my fav!!) at home which smelt wonderful. I'm such a *****, I make him feel really bad when he ate it and then he felt like he had to apologise. I didn't have a go at him, I was just whining about how I could never, ever, ever again, in rest of my life etc, have a pizza and I had to have 'a stupid f**king milkshake' instead for my dinner. I'm not usually horrible - I'm just a pizza monster!!! Anyone else turn a little mad when someone is eating their fav or am I just mean and nasty? He's gone for a nap now - I think he's avoiding me!!
This is familiar to me and would be to my OH too!

I sometimes think guys just don't know what to do for the best :eek: but you didn't eat the pizza, so you can feel positive about that!
Share the pain - thats what the other half is there for isn't it????
Just remind him if he moans that he is getting a new woman out of this mad diet so he had better NOT bring Pizza into the house again!
Thanks Scotty - he wouldn't have shared it with me anyway though as we are both pizza monsters!! It's just so annoying that he's so skinny and eats so much rubbish. WHY does this happen. It's not fair!!
My OH was able to eat what he liked without getting porky until he hit about 34/ he's like the rest of us!
I'll tell him that haha. Fortunately for him though the rest of his family including his parents are dead skinny so I reckon it's just genetic.
Oh he's been really good most of the time so I can't complain, especially as he gets his main meal at work (for free). Do you reckon they put something in pizza though to make it smell so good? I have watched people eat chips at the pub yesterday, big sarnies, canteen dinner, cakes at work today and MacDonalds - no problem. But pizza.....
OMG PIZZA!! there is def something about that smell! My son has one of those smell books with pizza in just had to go and have wiff!!
I love pizza but it gives me a bad tummy! as does chinese and curries just keep me a wake all night and on the loo all the nexy day! So why on earth have I stuffed them down my throat for years!!! I swear every stone I have left to lose is made up of pizza, curry, chinese and fish 'n' chips! Oh and a few tubs of ice cream! :eek:
I was a moaning cow last night Im on day 3 today but yesterday Day 2 I had to cook for my 3 kids & my OH,it was terrible the rest of the evening I was snappy :eek: so your not alone and I didnt eat eirther which is fantastic.Welll done and feel VV proud
my husband just had a massive hamburger and chips in the car, and I had to sit there and sniff it.

I LOVE PIZZA too, it is really painful to watch somebody eating our favourite foods, and not be able to eat it.

But, I guess we should just concentrate on the good days ahead, and one day when we finish the diet and reach our goal weight, we will be able to be proud of ourselves and occasionaly eat our favourite foods without feeling guilt or regret.

So lets just keep on going......
Oh I sooooo know how you feel!
My boyfriend has 3 take-aways a week!
last night he had pixxa, cheeseburger and chips.
Thru the week he had a kebab
And tonight hes prob gonna get dominoes pizza (my fav) it drives me INSANE!!! :mad:
I have to sit and smell it all while he stuffs his skinny face with it :(

And hes sooo skinny he eats soo much but cant put on weight. in fact hes wanting to but on weight (strange creature lol)

I get close to just going screw it I need a slice of pizza its the weekend! but i can never bring myself to do it