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Am I Asking Too Much


Skinny girl in a fat body
Hi, well I had my 4th weigh in tonight. I am quite disappointed:cry: I only lost 3lb. My family have said 3lb is not to be disappointed at but my losses seem to have reduced week by week. I'm not doing anything different. What makes it worse is that my sister is doing it with me. Last week she has been messing about and has been eating tinned salmon with salad every night and went out on Friday night and had a bloody good drink - she still lost 2lb. So..... I am starving myself half to death (little exageration I know), for the sake of an extra 1lb. Is there anything I can do to give my loss a boost coz I'm very downhearted at the minute:cry::cry::cry::cry:
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You are doing great so far!
Drinking water helps, diet minimum is 2 1/4 litres, but I drink about 3 if I can, but some days I have 4!
Stick with it hun, you WILL get there. I only lost a pound on my AAM week and I was downhearted about it, but it's still a LOSS. Keep that in your mind that your weight is always going down!
Congratulations on your loss so far!
Hi Mia
You should be really proud of yourself. 20lb in 4 weeks is such a great achievement. if you were following a regular diet it would take you 3 - 4 months to lose 20lb.

Remember that because of ketosis it is 4lb of FAT that you have lost this week. Try to imagine what that looks like and then pat yourself on the back.

Your sisters cheats will catch up with her eventually so dont be tempted to follow in her footsteps. If you stick to the plan 100% the weight will keep coming off.

Stick with it



Skinny girl in a fat body
Thanks girls. I feel a bit better after reading your encouraging comments. Just I've seen some fab weight losses on this site and expect the same myself lol I will keep with it though - I cant afford to slip. Thanks x


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
Hi Mia,

Don't make the mistake I did and get down from week to week. Look over the wider picture say over a month, as your body fluctuates that much. Also try (I know it is hard!) not to compare yourself to other people (especially sisters!) - I have 4 of them! as your body is yours and no-one elses. You just keep up the good work, bloody hell 20lbs in a month is fantastic, you should see how much 20lbs is... as an incentive for me I put in a sealable bag 1lb of lard.. I keep it in the fridge, do that and imagine 20 of those and you will have a smug grin on your face!!

Keep up the fantastic work you are doing... you can and will do it for you and no-one else!

Hi Mia

You're doing really well, as already said nearly 20lbs in three weeks is amazing, remember the average loss is 3-5lbs per week and around a stone a month, so you're doing brilliantly. Everyone loses at a different rate, so don't worry about what other people are doing, their losses go up and down too, it's not a race or a competition, you are losing the weight, at a fantastic rate and that's what matters. You could lose 6lbs next week or only 1 or 2, but keep looking at the overall picture, how much you have lost in total.

You'll find after a while that you probably have a pattern e.g. you might get two big losses followed by 2 small loses, or 1 massive loss followed by 3 medium, everyone is different and you will get to see a pattern after a couple of months.

keep up the good work and watch that weight continue to slip away.

Regarding your sister, she may have got away with itthis time, but she won't keep being able to and she is setting down some habits that will be hard to break. Do the diet the way it was meant to be done and you will have the better results long term.

All the best
You have done so well to lose 20lbs in less than a month. You should be very proud of yourself. I wouldnt worry with the low loss because you are guaranteed a stone a month weightloss on Sole Source and if this doesnt happen you can always experiment with your water intake and soup/milkshake/choc bars to see which works best for you.

Your weightloss will only really start to slow down the closer you get to your goal so i wouldnt worry too much about this.

You are doing really well. Keep up the good work :) xx

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