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Am I being impatient?


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I seem to have stalled. I'm not complaining - I've lost 7 lb in two weeks, but haven't shifted a pound for about five days or so, now. I did lose another pound, briefly, but it came back on.

I'm not giving up! But I was expecting to lose 2-3 lb a week on Cruise and only lost one last week.

Someone give me a kick up the butt and tell me this is how it goes? :sigh:
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I've been the same since I started cruise, I think it is supposed to slow down though at the start of cruise then pick up some momentum again? I hope anyway...
Have a look at what your eating in a day it maybe your having to many yoghurts I found I can only have two a day anymore and I stall try drinking just water no other drinks I found to much tea and Pepsi max made me stall x


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There are always fluctuations. Cruise can tend to vary each week between no loss and several pounds lost. It's perfectly normal and depends on many factors, including TOTM, hormones, water retention, constipation, etc.

No need to panic. :)


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Hey KidA - check out my diary... going through the EXACT same thing. I'm 9 days in after a huge start. I'm not giving up, but do have nervous moments. I'm extremely patient and I just keep telling myself that I'm doing this thing right, I'm exercising, and I'm drinking water and eating my oat bran... so it will drop.

Just keep waiting for that huge jump one morning on the scale.... come on jump!!!

I'm sure it will happen for you too - just keep the faith!


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KidA - don't panic, this used to happen to me every few weeks, and I was always nailbitingly nervous. Every single time. And every single time the scales jumped downwards bang on schedule.

One week I lost nothing for 7 whole days - then the next week 4 lbs came tumbling off!

So, grit your teeth and stick to your guns!


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Thanks, guys.

I've definitely been eating enough. I might not have been exercising enough, though, as been a bit busy with work and kids - hardly an excuse because the exercises he recommends are hardly taxing! And I've just realised maybe I haven't been drinking enough water...

Anyway, I'm glad to hear it's par for the course. I'll see how I get on in the next few days. Hope that jump comes for you, too, Jess!


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I wouldnt worry about it. I didn't have any loss after my second week on cruise. (third week since starting dukan) It was really annoying and I didn't know what I'd done wrong. Then I weighed myself at the end of my fourth week of dukan (third week of cruise) and had lost 5lbs!

I noticed I wasn't peeing as much though the second week though as it was suddenly very warm weatherwise I assumed I was retaining wter to keep me hydrated. Don't give up it will come x
Like everyone says dont worry, i had a great start then slowed last week but 2lb this week , just check what your eating and it will come off :)


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Kid A...

BMI Information:
Start BMI: 24.5
Current BMI: 23.3
Goal BMI: 21.6

I rest my case!

(With your current BMI, you won't lose as fast as someone who's overweight. Stands to reason.) Do you post your menus on the menu thread? It's hard to get round all the diaries and I often comment on the rare menus posted in the menu thread, but dunno if the posters go back and look, mind!


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Thanks for posting that, Joanne. I get it now - I didn't realise that BMI was a factor in the weight loss process! I'm trying to catch up with my twin sister who has been half a stone lighter than me for a long time, now.

I haven't actually got round to posting in the menu thread. I should do that.


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I often stall for 2 weeks at a time despite sticking rigidly to the rules. At your weight I would have thought 1 - 2 pounds per week, with the odd sts would be realistic.


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When I weighed 22 stone, I lost nearly a stone my first week! ;)

Now, I eat far far less and am grateful to see the scales move a whisker!


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Well I managed to shift another pound and break that 10 st barrier again this morning. But I'm not sure if that's because of the diet or because I lost my son for over an hour and a half when I went to pick him up from cricket yesterday. It was sheer stress and terror :cry: - a sure fire way to lose weight!

(When we found him, it was the most silly thing that I'm too embarrassed to go into here.)


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(When we found him, it was the most silly thing that I'm too embarrassed to go into here.)
<tapping fingers impatiently on her desk>

We're waiting... (we won't tell anyone!)


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<tapping fingers impatiently on her desk>

We're waiting... (we won't tell anyone!)
Oh bummer.

Although he says he'd been waiting for me at the entrance when I arrived, we somehow missed each other. I waited a bit, and wandered around. Next to the cricket pitch there is a club house, I suppose you'd call it, with a bar and a TV area. I swear I went in there searching for him about ten times. I went back and forth to the tennis courts (in the same place as the cricket), I drove up to his dad's, I called home every five minutes to my daughter to see if he'd turned up there. I looked EVERYWHERE! It got dark, I was in a panic, everyone had gone home, I was about to call the police... then there he was. It turned out he'd gone up to the club house and had been lying on the sofa watching the TV the whole time!



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Love it!!!

I once took a coach to Amsterdam overnight. At about 3am, the coach stopped at a motorway place and told us to RV back at the coach 30 mins later. There was a queue for the loo, and the food, and my friend and I came hurtling out of complex some 32 min later to find... an empty car park. Our bags were on that coach. Heck our passports had been collected by the driver at the departure point! It was 3.30am and we had but what we stood up in and our handbags. You can well imagine my feeling of total despair. I probably cried a bit (or swore lots knowing me).

Then something clicked. Hang on a minute. An EMPTY car park? That's weird cos it certainly was far from empty when our coach parked up.

You guessed it. We had exited at the wrong side of the complex! PHEW!


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ohhhh nightmare!

And typically mum is in a panic, imagining all sorts of horrors, and kiddo is calmly chilling out!

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