Am I being unrealistic?

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  1. BBBNH

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the forum and it looks great.

    Started W.W around 5 weeks ago, was doing quite well until last week (my Birthday week :mad:)

    Up until my Birthday I had lost 7.5lb and was over the moon, then I went to my weigh in on Wednesday and had put on 2lb. Feeling disheartened but I know it was my own doing (Chinese banquet birthday meal, alcohol and cake)

    I was 11st 9lb when I started, I am now 11st 3lb, by mid May I am looking to get to around 9st 8lb (I'm only 5ft 2inches) which would mean i'd need around a 2.5lb weight loss every week until then. I was hoping those of you with a little more experience of the plan may be able to tell me if this is a realistic weight loss? Would you say I need to be careful not to dip too far in to my weeklies in order to achieve this 2.5lb a week weight loss?

    I'm one of those members that tends to dip quite far into my weeklies and my weightloss has been as follows:

    week 1 - 2lb loss
    week 2 - 2lb loss
    week 3 - 1lb gain (Time of the month)
    week 4 - 1lb loss
    week 5 - 3lb loss
    week 6 - 2lb gain (Birthday week, totally overdone it :mad:)

    Any advice appreciated, feeling a little frustrated at how long it's taken me to lose the weight so far.
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  3. Starlight

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    2.5 lbs a week is probably too ambitious. WW say 1 - 2 lbs a week/7 lbs a month

    You're setting yourself up for disappointment over aiming. Aim for 7 a month and look on anything else as a bonus. A steady 10lbs a month is really only achievable on one of the higher end VLCD plans not on WW

    Everyone seems awful keen to rush their losses just now. There are no short cuts and no fast tracks to speed up WW losses. Just follow the plan and it WILL come off
  4. Tonic

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    Whilst 2.5lbs a week is achieveable, I would say it is unrealistic.... You may lose 2.5lbs some weeks but you are not going to be able to do it every week, especially as you get closer to goal... Dont starve yourself in doing it, you will just set yourself up to fail - depriving yourself is never a good option as you'll be more likely to cheat! Your weekly points are there to if you feel the need - they are optional. Saying that, there is no definitive answer yet on whether using them or not makes a huge difference in your weight loss. I personally never really go over 10 weekly points but thats just because I dont feel the need to....

    Why dont you set yourself a more realistic target of say, 1.5lbs a week? I know you want to get to your goal weight as quickly as possible but trust me, you will feel so much better if you put less pressure on yourself to get there xx
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    The problem with setting a weight loss target by a certain date is that our bodies are not machines and sometimes life just gets in the way too and we end up disappointed.

    Why not put your energies into focusing on following the plan rather than stressing about a Target and weight loss should follow naturally. Perhaps set some mini goals that you can tick off on the way? X

    Edited just to add that your weight losses are fantastic BTW. You should be pleased with yourself. I had to get off the train so didn't have time to say :)
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    Just wanted to add that on average over your 1st five weeks you lost 1.8 lb per week, I would be inclined to set yourself a lower target of say 1lb - 1.5lb per week ish,if that makes sence and if you aim for 1lb to 1.5lb a week you will see a massive difference and you wont be dissapointed - I would love to lose 2lb a week until my target weight but this not going to happen so instead of me setting myself up to fail I haven't got a date in mind but sooner would be better and I just go for mini targets, that way the bigger picture isn't too far away and you can keep feeling positive by ticking them off - well done on your weight loss and hay ho you put on 2lb but it was your birthday and your human, main thing is you enjoed it and your back on track - take care.
  7. purple_rain

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    I agree with everyone else, my losses have slowed right down to 1lbs a week. But im not really stressing about it because at least its a loss, well done on your losses so far and good luck!
  8. BBBNH

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    thanks so much for the replies, you're all really kind and have definitely helped me to stay motivated.

    i'll be happy with anything as long as it's a loss, i was feeling a bit desperate last night when i posted (in shock after putting 2lb on!) but today is a new day and i know if i stick to the plan i will look great come may, even if i haven't quite hit my target at that point! :D
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