Am i doing the right

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    :wave_cry::cry:Am i doing the right
    I have almost finished Foundation. My last session is on thursday and have decided to go into management. I have lost 5st which i am exstatically happy about, but why do i feel so down and nervous.... I originally wanted to loose 6st and for some reason had this fixed in my head this the amount i wanted to loose. I started LL in a size 24/26 and have just bought my 1st size 14 !!! I was so happy i cried all the way home....! :cry: So why today do i feel very down.... Please has anyone else felt this way.....Pam xx
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    I think its fear Pam, fear of reintroducing food, fear of gaining it all back and fear now that you have lost your excess what are you going to blame any woes on. Im a long way from where you are yet but know lots of us will go through similar feelings. I think once you start maintenance and realise that it works youll relax into it and start to really enjoy being slim. Good luck with it.
  4. Wicked Witch

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    Hi Chiukie, I am still in foundation so I'm no expert but I can imagine moving into Management is a very scarey experience. Have you read AJ's Managment thread. I think that explains the journey very well.
    As for your target - I would ask why you had 6st in your mind as a target? Is this based on your BMI or past experience? I have 10 and a half stone in my mind but really I want to be a size 12 and I think I am going to get there at about 11st / 11st7lbs . I am trying to keep an open mind about what to do at the end of my foundation. Sorry if this hasn't been much help. But I think only you can really make the decision - no-one else can tell you what to do at this point. After a 100 days of following a strict regime - that is very scarey.
    What every you decide - well done on the 5st loss thats amazing!!
  5. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    Hi Chuckie

    Firstly well done on an excellent loss, you've done brilliantly.

    Do you know why you're scared - have you hit what you wanted to hit? Is it because you're scared of eating for the first time? Or scared of eating to a structured programme?

    It could be any number of things, you might benefit from having a word with your LLC as I'm sure you're not the first to feel like this.

  6. SoonBeSlim... It'sTrue!

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    congrats on the huge loss. :party0019::party0019:, I am really pleased you have got into a size 14. What a brill feeling.

    Do you know why you wanted to loose 6 stone instead of 5? Are you wanting to loose a little more on management? I had a little panic about whether my ideal weight was too low for me some weeks ago. Now I am closer, i'm going to go all the way, but will stop when I feel healthy and happy. Whatever that weight is for you, go for it. :clap::clap:

    Maybe you just feel frightened at the prospect of having to manage food again and all the choice we will have available. I am not quite there , but already feeling nervous about the future. Nevertheless LLC has not let me down so far, so will trust her into the next stage.

    Take Care,

    and you should feel so proud of what you have achieved

  7. chuckie

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    Lighter Life program
    Dear Happe, thank you for your words of encouragement. I just hope to conquer the fear factor !! I think i'm at that point where i know i have to move on into management but am afraid of leaving behind all the support from the group. No more crooked thinking - good luck on your adventure lol Pam xx
  8. chuckie

    chuckie Member

    Lighter Life program
    Dear Wicked witch, Thank you for replying to my thread. The 6 st target was because i started @ 18st 4lbs and thought that to be a size 16/14 i would have to loose 6st to take me to 12st. I think somewhere along the line my "crooked thoughts" took over. After reading the messages posted i now know that it doesn't matter how much you weigh its how you feel about yourself that counts. Good luck on foundation you are doing so well wishing you lol Pam xx
  9. chuckie

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    Lighter Life program
    Dear Cath, Thank you for your wise words, yes i think i am scared of eating. When you have been on such a strict plan the thought of going it alone is quite terrifying !!! I will speak to my LLC when i next see her and explain my feelings. Well done for your weight loss wow you have done so well wishing you all the best lol Pam x
  10. chuckie

    chuckie Member

    Lighter Life program
    Dear Sam, when you sit @ the computer you think you are so alone until someone answers your cry for help, You then know that you are not alone and that there is support and a friendly shoulder to lean on. Thank you for your very kind words i feel more positive and will definatley speak to my LLC on my next visit. You have done so well i wish you lots of luck on the rest of your journey. Keep up the good work lol Pam xx
  11. littleblue

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    Lighter Life
    I think the next stage in a journey is always a bit scary, and I have been feeling down losing the group that has been such a support over the last 3 months. It is that step into the unknown!
    However, you look fantastic now, AND you will continue to lose weight on management, so that 6 stone goal may still be achievable. I think I will probably go into management when I have a stone to go, rather than wait till I am at goal.
    I think you have lost enough personally, the difference is incredible, but only you know when you feel comfortable to stop.
  12. Betty Boo

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    Lighter Life
    I just want to tell you all that Pam looks stunning, she came in a gorgeous dress to our last meeting (I had no idea she was a 14, what an acheivement - you are not far off me now. I am going to have to watch out!) and looked absolutey fab. Her husband had better watch out as she is going to be getting lots of admiring & jelous glances from men and women. She looks like a different women and I hope you feel like one Pam.

    I am going to miss the group too, but am looking forward to moving on with you. I too am very nervous about eating as our LLC has not discussed this with us and it seems was not over the moon in my eyes about us moving to management, but like you I think it is the right time for us both.

    Little Blue, you too have changes so much, the photos are amazing and you really look good, your hair shows of your small face and you have a great waist going on there. I shall miss you a lot but am pleased I will see you inbetween meetings.

    Good luck to all of you xx
  13. littleblue

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    Lighter Life
  14. chuckie

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    Lighter Life program
    Hello Littleblue

    I'm so sad to be leaving the group but i know that it is the right time for me to go. I did alot of thinking and you have to be happy with the way you look not what you weigh!! Which i am pleased to say has taken me ages to realise that fact, and it was with the help and encouragement of the group that i was able to say "i'm moving to management"
    I'm glad that i have moved to the next stage with becky she's such a sweetie and we have met with the lady who lost the 15st she is a great inspiration and help.
    I think your right about the stone, because you will still lose weight in management, anything over that will be an added bonus :)
    You are doing so well, and you look amazing. :)
    I know things haven't been easy, but you are such a strong & determined lady that you have bounced back and you know where you want to be. Will miss you loads but hope to seeing you in passing on a monday night. keep in touch let me know who your doing, will keep the seat warm for you in management.
    LOL Pam xx:)

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