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Am I Doing This Right Pretty Please?? :)

Heyy all you lovely people! :)

I'm giving Atkins a little try to see how it works, can someone tell me if I'm on the right lines with what I ate yesterday?? :)

Breakfast: 3 eggs and 1 egg white scrambled with a little grated cheese on top
Lunch: Tin of ham (0.4g of carbs)
Tea: Bag of salad with chicken breast and caeser salad dressing spray (the carb count is trace with this), sugar free jelly
Snacks: 2 cheese strings and 3 frankfurter sausages (0.5g carbs each)
Exercise: Gym session
Water: lots of!!

I know I should have had more vegetables, but I didn't have time to really cook yesterday... otherwise, is this okay?? :)

Any help would be massively appreciated!!

Hope you're all doing brilliantly!! :D

Lozzy x
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Looks good to me!!

Make sure your drinking water all day and aa you already mentioned there needs to be more greens.... Keep it up!!
Thankyou so much!! :) I'm making sure I'm drinking LOTS of water, esp since I exercise a lot!

Can I ask a couple of questions...

Do people still drink tea/coffee on this diet?? And if so what do they use instead of milk?? And can I use sweetener??

Also... is peanut butter allowed on induction?? I found a low carb one :)

Lastly... what sweet things can I eat?? I think I may get sick of sugar free jelly! :p lol

Thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuu!! :) x


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I drink soya milk in tea and use splenda as a sweetener.
Peanut butter is okay as long as it is ver low carb.
Sweet things, hmmmm. Try avoid them when you are just starting out as they set your cravings off some times. There is a lot of recipes for ice cream around.
Read the recipe sticky at the top.
Hi Lozzy,

looks OK and you know you need more greens, so that's good.
That tinned ham must have been salty so may make you retain water, make sure you drink plenty
so your body is happy to release it.
Lol Jim like my description yesterday ;)

welcome Lozzy you changed your mind about atkins hon? I remember you posting a while ago.


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Hi Lozzy, welcome :D

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