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Extra Easy Am I doing this right?


Champion actifryer
S: 84kg C: 71.5kg G: 65kg BMI: 27.9 Loss: 12.5kg(14.9%)
I'm trying to stick as much as possible to the EE plan, sometimes slipping into green days when I need more cheese :)

Am I doing it right? I just don't seem to be having the success that others rave about. A typical day would be:

Breakfast: fruit salad and fat free fromage frais or yoghurt

Lunch: pasta and sauce made using frylight, onions, garlic, chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, ham or tuna
28g cheese (HEA)
125ml glass of red wine 4.5 syns
Salad using dressing made with 1 tsp oil 2 syns
Fruit (clementines, grapes, apple), possibly another ff yoghurt

Afternoon snack: banana

Dinner: home made veg soup (fat free)
Crispbreads (Hex B) and syn free paté or ham
A couple of tsp of very low fat spread 1 syn
Fruit as lunchtime
Sometimes a few walnut halves at 1 syn each

Average syns per day is usually 10-11

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be grateful. We prefer to eat our "heaviest" meal at lunchtime and eat light in the evening. I've even read that this is supposed to be better for weight loss!
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Mad old Bat with Attitude
S: 14st5lb
Looks ok to me. Just watch the grapes! It's very easy to go overboard and they're all sugar!


Nojo on the YoYo
S: 19st8.0lb C: 19st8.0lb G: 11st0.0lb BMI: 47 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
grapes are a free food.
bananas are a free food!

She's only having a few with a fruit salad. Don't be afraid of the grapes when chocolate exists!!


Champion actifryer
S: 84kg C: 71.5kg G: 65kg BMI: 27.9 Loss: 12.5kg(14.9%)
Thanks guys. I know what you mean about grapes (and bananas), but I only tend to have half a dozen grapes and 1 banana per day, so can't see this adversely affecting my losses.


Strutting her stuff
S: 17st12lb C: 10st7lb BMI: 22.3 Loss: 7st5lb(41.2%)
You don't have very much weight to lose so it can be a slog for some people to lose those last few pounds.

It looks like a good varied menu with lots of fruit and veg. Are you sure the yoghurts you are eating are syn free because fat free doesn't automatically mean syn free.

You might want to try cutting you syns down to under 10 a day and I would include some exercise if you're not already doing so.


Champion actifryer
S: 84kg C: 71.5kg G: 65kg BMI: 27.9 Loss: 12.5kg(14.9%)
Thanks all. I have upped my exercise, which could explain the slow progress. And the yoghurts/fromage frais are generally fat free plain ones, to which I add fruit/sweetener. Otherwise fat and sugar free flavoured yoghurts, at most one a day, so even if not completely free, I'm still well within my syns budget.


Silver Member
S: 11st7lb C: 10st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 23.3 Loss: 1st7lb(13.04%)
Might be worth including some more speed foods - it's recommended that on EE, one third of your meal plates should be speed foods.

I didn't follow that, but might be worth a try.

What kind of losses are you getting at the moment?

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