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Am I doing this wrong????


I had my firsat week on slimming world, an dit is a hell of a lot nice than the CD! lol. I stuck to it, had approx 3-7 sins each day, a few vodka and cokes on the weekend, excercised, and my weigh in was last night......I stayed the same. I know I didnt put any on and im happy about that, but am I doing this wrong???

Any ideas guys, feeling a little deflated! x
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My first suggestion that you body may be eveing itself out after cd! .. also a few more syns during the week maybe? i average about 7-12 a day. I think your doing fine, and if your enjoying it more than cd then thats even better!

dont feel deflated hunny. Youl be fine. once your bodys got back intop the swing of things youl soon be loosing! xxxxx lots of love
well done, staying the same is still good.

Did you do more excersie? stick with it hun as it will come off, I like you know came from cd as was blown away I lost 4lbs after following such a strict diet!

keep at it and good luck this week
No more than usual.....and it was my TOM at weight in so definietly thought i'd lose some this week. Funny.....

Ah well, we'll try this week...

A MASSIVE congrats on the 4lb loss, how does it feel to lose so much whilst eating actual food, lol. Thats impressive, tell me how you did it. x
not sure how I did it! it just did lol

I am trying to stick to superfree foods throughout the day even though I follow a red/green day thing, just so if I feel hungry I don't eat a huge portion of pasta 'cos I can' IYSWIM trying to get my head around only needing 3 meals a day

typical red

Cereal and milk (hexa &hexb)

Bacon, cheese wrapped mushrooms (hexa), quorn sauages, plum toms / or 2 slices 400g bread (hexb) with ham, and huge salad

Chicken, salad with jacket pot (hexb) / or chicken in veggie hm sauce with yougurt for pud:D

throughout the day fresh fruit, or mullerlight (today made a syn free pancake from on here yum!)

Syns, french fries (4.5) and mini chocolate(3.5), or bottle of stella (5 syns)and mini chocolate (3.5)

or adding extra meat to green, pots/pasta to red

loads really hahaha

Sat here with my food diary as I had no idea :D
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STS is fantastic, well done.:D Alot of people put on, then lose the following week following CD, due to the carb hit. Heres to big losses next week:)

P.S dont know how Berry did it but shes a star:girlpower:


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
thats normal after the change over hon most put a few pound on as your body just soaks up the calories you will have a loss next week, try uppin your syns too 3-6 seems far too little to me i have bout 1o - 15 your body thinks your depriving it otherwise and it doesn work as well.

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