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Am I eating enough?

Hi, another one from me! My partner is worrying that im not eating enough and doing too much.
I drink lots of water through the day and have one warm drink at night.
For breakfast I either have 2pieces of brown toast or 2weetabix and semi skimmed milk.
If I get peckish before lunch I have a banana/apple or 2plums.
For lunch I either have a salad or tuna sandwich etc. Then I usually last until my tea which is a sensible portion of whatever im cooking. I jog for 30mins 3times a day and use the wii so I have been losing around 600 calories a day on that aswell as pottering around the house and looking after children.
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Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Hi Michelle, welcome! We're at a similar weight and have a similar goal (I have smaller one for now). If you ever want a diet buddy, feel free to ask btw :).

As for eating enough, the necessary amount to eat for women is generally around 1900 calories a day. You seem to be eating sensibly but you are burning a lot of calories if you're jogging three times a day, that's a lot! Whatever the amount the exercise is meant to burn, you burn more in reality because it speeds up your metabolism so it burns more for the rest of the day.

You should probably be eating more if you're doing that much exercise, or exercise less and eat that much. Your body needs food in order to lose weight, just the right kinds and amounts. If I were you, I'd keep it down to 3 jogs a week + your Wii stuff. To me that's sensible with what you're eating, you should lose weight anyway and keep it off. How long did it take you to lose those 14 pounds? Be careful, if you lose it too quick you might put it all back on, and fast!

Jogging's pretty tough on your legs and what not too when you're not used to it so you can also walk or stretch carefully.

Good luck!
A diet buddy would be great :)
I had my daughter in May 09 and I weighed 15st. I started a diet in July and managed to get down to 13st 12. In September 09 I found out I was expecting again and totally pigged out. I lost the baby in November and I weighed 14st 8. I started the exercise and eating healthy mid december and my weight as of today is 13st 11.

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Oh my, what a terrible episode that must've been :( So sorry to hear that, that's really devastating. I admire you for having the courage to lose weight after such a loss.