Am I eating too many carbs ?


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I eat about four slices of brown bread a day. I have two slices of toast in the morning and then I will eat two for lunch as a sandwich. But then for dinner I will eat either brown rice or brown pasta. If I then get peckish in the evening I will have some Melba Toast . I eat alot of fruit and vegetables and lean meat aswell but was wondering if this is too many carbs for one day ?
Ive got a big appetite and I think Im just eating a lot of carbs to try and fill myself up.
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I worry about the same thing I have bagel for breakfast then some type of carbs at lunch and dinner either breadroll, pitta, nan bread etc then either noodles, pasta, rice or couscous for tea, it's never been a problem for me in the past but was told that the preservatives in bread can slow down weight loss in some people (It was a WW consultant who told me?!?) which is why I stick to bagels and other baked things x


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I think that different things work for different people, and you can only experiment to see what works for you. I think that making sure you get enough protein in your diet is important for everyone, as that tends to keep you feeling not hungry for longer.

Why not try and cut back on the carbs just a bit to see how you feel? I still have pasta and rice and such, just not every day, and I've cut back on bread - makes it much easier for me to limit my calories! It also makes it easier for me to get in enough veggies. :)


Seeing as it's brown bread I wouldn't worry too much. If you feel the weight isn't coming off as well then maybe have some wholegrain cereal for your breakfast instead and still have your sandwich for lunch. I've started having 2 shredded wheats for breakfast and it keeps me full up for longer than having toast :)