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Green Days Am I eating too much?

I'm on a Green today but do alternate between Red and Green. I just wondered if someone would check what I am eating/have eaten today to make sure it's not too much. I'm on annual leave from work at the moment hence cooking syn free chips for lunch yum!

HEXA: 250 Semi skimmed for tea/coffee

Brekkie: 2x Boiled eggs with 57g HEXB (2 small slices of wholemeal) + marmite

Lunch: Syn free chips + Beans (full tin!!)

Snack: 2x Alpen lights HEXB with 1x mullerlight toffee yogurt

Dinner: Not decided yet but will be something like SW Humous (syn free) with veg crudites follows by Mixed fruit and Onken fat free yogurt (syn free)

1 HEXA left to have when I fancy it

Syns: 2x Alpen Lt 6 syns (yes I'm addicted)

I've tried to compensate having quite a stodgy lunch by having a fruit/veg fuelled dinner. I'll be excerising later so I don't want anything too heavy afterwards.

Does this seem ok to you? Don't know about everyone else but when I'm home I tend to eat more??!!

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Hiya! It looks fine. All I'd say is add more fruit, maybe as snacks instead of too many alpen bars!

Eating lots is fine, it's eating until you feel uncomfortable that's to be avoided. Keep up the good work! :)


Now to maintain.....
i wouldnt say it was too much but you should be eating your superfree! you need to add fruit/veg to your meals.
On Red today, can someone please check my day (again) then I'll stop panicking lol - Thanks

Breakfast: 42g All Bran HEXB with 250ml HEXA Semi Sk + Banana
Snack: 3x Babybell light HEXA 2x alpen lights HEXB 1 mullerlight
Lunch: Chicken fillet cooked in frylight with salad + syn free dressing
Snack: Mixed summer fruits (frozen from morrisons) Syn free yogurt
Dinner: Slow cooked beef with various veg (all free)
Snack: Pear 4x mini meringue nests 1x alpen light (7 syns)

Is this too much?
Looks good to me. Did you eat till you were full? Not bloated and stuffed, if so well done :)
Thanks Chicaloca. It's not so much eating until I'm full I'm just constantly grazing because I'm at home this week (annual leave from work) so the fridge is my new best mate! I am choosing "on plan" food but do feel like I'm always shoving something into my mouth lol x
I thought I'd eaten loads of super free today: salad, plateful of veg with dinner, fruit with breakfast, pear as a snack and mixed summer berries (strawberries, rasberries, red berries, blackberries), should I be eating lots more?


Big fan of Mini min
i was always told the more you eat the better you lose, as long as you stop when your full and don't carry on and be greedy, I have a big appatite, and find if I cut back I don't lose much, so If your hungry and try and stick to super free food between meals.
The scales will tell you in the end!!
Hope this helps, diary's look fab!
I feel like I'm always grazing, but my consultant said that's fine, as long as its within plan. BUT, if I do extra easy I find i graze less. I don't think my meals are particularly bigger, I just seem to feel more satisfied. I think I cook proper meals on EE, which helps.
Thanks everyone! The mini meringues are 1... I had 4 tee hee!! I will try and get more superfree in as snacks, I thought I was being quite good including HEX's and superfree in my snacks... Must do better!! lol x


Nojo on the YoYo
Your day sounds like mine!

Breakfast was 2x egg mayo and cress sandwiches (2HEbs + 1 syn for 2 tablespoons mayo)

Break - apple and banana

Lunch - Cheese and broc pasta n sauce (half a syn)

Afternoon - cup of tea with HEa milk, Fibre Plus (6 syns)

Dinner - mushroom omelette with SW chips and mushy peas, with a starter of home made houmus (4 syns) and lot of carrot and celery crudites

I have a pot of strawberries and Splenda for supper when BB is on.

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