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Attack Am I going wrong somewhere???


Hi All

Have just weighed myself this morning and having started Monday morning have lost 2.2lbs - disappointed as I was expecting more.:sigh:

I have been having dukan porridge skimmed milk for brekkie or yoghurt with sweetener and oat bran

Lunch usually chicken

Tea - Fish, chicken, steak (either not all 3)

Snack - chicken and some seafood sticks (about 6 a day)

I have had 2 litres of water too plus some diet coke

The only thing I can think is I had quite a big choc bar on Sunday before I started and wonder if that didn't register on the scales Monday morning but has obviously had an impact?? :(
I am not in the frame of mind just to quit now after 3 days - that would be silly but if you have any suggestions they are most welcome.

Just had steak for brekkie in hope to give weight loss a boot !!
Was very nice - even my 2 year old wanted some in favour of her cereal.
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What's your start weight Charlie? Not everyone loses loads on attack I lost 5lbs but some people have lost a stone, even of u don't lose as much as expected keep going cos it will come off. The chocolate may have stalled u a bit but apart from that u seem to be doing everything right
Hi Jade - I started at 15st 12.2lbs so I have a lot to go! Have decided the crab sticks can go too.

I am putting it down to the binge eating sunday night (like I am never going to eat again) - which is ridiculous to do but everytime I start a new diet I think mmmm what will I really miss and decide to get in those things.

Am positive come the weekend it will be moving - I dont feel hungry and feel better in myself for eating on the attack phase anyway.


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Is that 2.5 after 4 days? I think that's pretty good! I am also sure you'll see more pounds down by next Monday morning so dont worry!!
Only other advise, crank up the protein!! Make sure you have lots of lean meat and eggs (cholesterol permitting) forget the crab sticks and have chicken strips or prawns instead.
Stay positive - I am certain more pounds will be dropped by Sunday/Monday xxxx

2.2 lb in 4 days is not bad at all.. How much were you expecting to lose and how did you come up with that number?
I found the guideline given by Dukan official site is true most of the time, how many days of attack was calculated for you and how many lbs did they say you will lose by the end of attack?
Even if they aren't correct, if you are losing less than the calculated (which I highly doubt, again 2 lb in 4 days is a good result) there might be several factors like your period, your previous diet etc..
Attack is the initial shock to your system and even if you lose a great amount it balances the first week of cruise.. I wouldn't worry about the numbers as long as it is in the right direction.
Just trust the plan and follow it to the letter, it really works:)
Stick with it, I had barely lost a thing in Attack and was pretty frustrated until my last day of Attack when I found I had lost almost 6lbs x
Dont worry about day to day weighings, concentrate on your "official weekly weigh in". Day 4 I had only lost 4 lbs, and you can see in my sig it dropped fast :) But have even more weight to loose than you!!
Thank you all for your comments - made me feel positive I am going the right way and not completely messing up somewhere.

Have been to 'every little helps' and done big shop. Was actually surprised that buying the 'good' stuff and not lots of processed rubbish, I swear the bill was lower!!! Managed to get chicken and turkey mince reduced so always helpful, oh plus salmon steaks.

I have now got - 6 salmon steaks, turkey, 9 chicken breasts, lean mince beef, turkey mince, chicken thighs, tuna tinned, a whole chicken, tinned salmon, lean ham slices, mmmm think I may have gone ott as freezer now bulging. As well as f/f yoghurt, f/f cottage cheese and some skimmed milk. Already have eggs so resisted any more.

Have made a a mince dish for tea - turkey mince, some various spices (have added and crossed fingers smells lush anyway), green chilli - and a swirl of natural yoghurt once I re-heat it. Plus my galette. Used other half to make oh spaghetti as normal.

Thanks again - you are stars :bighug:
Christell - Cant do the prawns as allergic to shellfish. I use to be able to and I love them and then one day - all hives and anaphylatic shock. Not good!

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