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Am I lapsing?


constantly confused
That might seem an odd question, but I'm really struggling this week.

Last week I discovered when I was feeling ill, an extra bar helped, so this week I'm having 2 bars and 2 packs a day.

I've found myself getting really dizzy again, and have been having an extra bar on saturday and sunday. :break_diet:

I don't know if my dizzy spells are because I've stepped up my exercise (ignore ticker I havent' updated it!) and now have less fat reserves to draw on for energy, or if it's psychological, as an excuse to have another bar. It feels real enough, but then psychosomatic stuff does doesn't it?

I've had my bar for breakfast as usual, but now I'm sitting here thinking about my second bar, and am very tempted to eat it now.

My chatterbox is saying it doesn't matter when I eat it, and in reality I do want it before I go out for my run with the dogs to get me through without feeling faint, but not 2 hours after my first :confused:

I've set myself the challenge of finishing this litre of water first, and then if I still feel like having my second bar after that I can, but I'm really concerned that if I'm behaving like this with a bar, how will I be with RTM when I have more food choices?

I'm hoping this is just because I feel so ill so often, and now I've foundn something that makes me feel better I'm thinking about it more, but it terrifies me that this could mean I haven't really confronted my demons :sigh:
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I did occasionally have 2 bars and 2 food packs during my abstinence, usually when it wouldn't be convenient to make a shake. We go away a lot and I'd struggle with facilities.

The bars only provide about 100 extra calories and have a laxative effect but in the grand scheme of things it isn't too bad.

Perhaps you'd be better starting rtm now instead of next week if you're feeling ill. My PT said yesterday "what is the benefit of waiting, if you're not well isn't that more important than the extra pound of weight that you might lose"


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Hi Toller-Girl

I started RTM early and it's the best thing I ever did. I was very dizzy and faint. I am starting Week 2 tomorrow and feel great. Really back to my old self which is wonderful. I take tons of exercise and don't feel tired at all.

Something to think about, eh?!


constantly confused
I think if it was up to me, I would.

I'm doing this with hubby and I wanted to start RTM this week, but he wanted to stay on another week. I suppose I could always do 2 weeks of week 1 :confused:
Hi Mandee,

I have been doing ll for 2 weeks and have lost 10 lb. Just seen ur weight loss chart and you have lost loads every week.
What you doing..exercising? ??


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Hi Bec

I religiously stuck to 8-10 litres of water a day and I go to the gym 6-7 times a week (combo of 45 minutes hard cardio, upper body weights, Wii Fit). I like to work out in the mornings at 6:30am as sometimes I would get a bit tired in the evenings which is expected on a VLCD.

I really believe keeping a positive attitude can help the weight come off quicker. Stick to your guns and don't let anyone steal your glory. YOU choose to do this so make it work for YOU!

There are so many inspiring people on MiniMins...stick with this forum and you will get all of the advice and support you need to reach your goal!

Good luck on your journey.
Ha ha, I have at least 2 bars a day for the first 2-3 days a week after I get my weekly supplies. I like the shakes, but I just like the bars more. It means 'shakes only' for the other days, but I find if the bars are sitting there, I think about them a lot, which is not good. So, I just get them out of the way. Completely crooked thinking I'm sure, but it works for me!
Topcat x


constantly confused
Well, I've been out to Tesco and bought some frozen cod fillets.

I'm going to eat one tomorrow, and just have one bar as I've had too many every other day!

I really hope this puts an end to the dizzy spells --- finally!


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My counsellor told us that the reason you are onlyallowed one bar a day is because of the extra carbohydrate in them,and we were only allowed to buy seven a week so we couldn't eat any more than one.
I have been eating a grilled fish fillet in the evenings for a while now and it hasn't stopped me losing weight ,but trying to eat carbohydrates which the doctor said i must while i have this campylobactor,just made me feel bloated and sluggish,so i am not frightened of eating any more because i dont seem to like the things i loved before i started.Fish or chicken with lettuce suits me fine and doesn't cause any discomfort or bloating and i am also having one bar and two food packs.


Striving for slimness
Well, I've been out to Tesco and bought some frozen cod fillets.

I'm going to eat one tomorrow, and just have one bar as I've had too many every other day!

I really hope this puts an end to the dizzy spells --- finally!

That's great Toller! Hope you enjoy your fish and that it makes your dizzyness stop, it'll only get better from here! Don't feel guilty about having more than one bar, I do quite often and it's never stopped me losing, however I do feel a bit naughty when I do it.


longs to be average!
Since I started RtM - dizzy spells have pretty much become a thing of the past. Enjoy your fish, and hope that the dizzy spells become a thing of the past for you too.


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I must agree, I am finding ressisting not to eat excessive bars very hard, not because they are so amazingly tasty but I just really want to get rid of the dizzyness and feeling weak!
I am currently on second week in development and still about 20lbs to lose till target weight, however the dizzyness is terrible... lightheaded , weak, feeling sick etc. Horror.. I tried 2x bar a day for first 2-3 days and shakes for the rest of the week.. and it ended up in my weekly weight loss decreasing dramatically :S (or at least I blame the bars for it, only lost like 1-2 lbs a week for past 2-3 weeks..)

However the question is do I really want to lose 3-4lbs a week and feel like I have been hit with something heavy on me head? hmm

We have never done so called 'milk week' in our group, maybe I should talk to my LLC and see if I should do it..


constantly confused
Disappointing WI, stayed the same :(

I'm putting this down to my increase in exercise (I've noticed how much more muscle I've got), my time of the month (too much info, sorry!) the fact I had been working night shift and had drank lots of water and coffee, and my almost-lapses in the week (I did have a couple of extra packs when I was dizzy)

I really hope it comes off next week, but even if it comes off at half a pound a week I can live with it :D

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