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Am I mad joining a class just before Christmas??


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I was meant to join SW class a couple of weeks ago but my Mum couldn't make it so I chickened out!!

However, we've decided we're going to join next week (can't this week as I'm out nearly every night).

So, am I mad joining a week before Christmas?!?! Would I be best leaving it til the New Year?

J x
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It is up to you! Will you stick to plan over Christmas? Will you go to the mid Christmas/New Year WI?
If the answer to these questions is no, then I wouldn't join until the New Year.

Saying that, there will be lots of people joining straight after Christmas whereas if you join this week you'll probably be the only two so you'll get more of an individual welcome talk!!


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Thanks for your reply ........ Hhhhmm I would probably stick to plan most of the time - excluding Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day - as we already have plans those days which involve eating and drinking but other than that I should be ok. I'm off work from the 23rd December til the 4th Jan and thought it might be a good time to get into it and teach myself to be organised! (for a change)!

Will have to have a good think about this methinks.


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I think that whenever the motivation hits you is the right time to start whether it's a week before Christmas or not. If you start next week and lose, even if you put it on again over Christmas, you'll still be lighter than you would have been if you hadn't started. It might even help you to put on less than you would normally over Christmas if it gets you to think a little about what you eat before you start.

I've only started on Monday (doing it myself and not going to class) and I still think it's worth doing - the weight loss should help me not to totally blow out over Christmas!

Good luck!


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I was amazed that there were 2 or 3 people that joined our class last night, so obviously some think it a good idea. Jaylou makes a good point though - if you join after christmas/new year, you'll be joining with the hoards, join now and you'll get almost a one to one new members chat and a better chance to meet the established group members before the masses arrive with their new year resolutions!


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Yeah if I join now then I may end up breaking even after Chrimbo, whereas if I join in the New Year, I could have an extra half stone to lose!?!?!


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If your heads in the right place then go for it! As you say it will help u stay even just a little more on track over Christmas! Good Luck xx
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i only joined my local group last week, and plan to stick to it except for xmas day and new years eve ( xmas day for the food and new years eve for the drink lol ) x only joined now so if anything i could get my head around everything then come the new year i can really get stuck in ( not that im not trying now but more so that if i have a gain between now and new year its just getting the right balance )
but its up to you x theres pros and cons but its whats best for you?


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If your ready to go for it then do it!! ok you might not lose a lot before the new year...but if your head is in the right place to succeed it will definatly help you to keep any gain to a minimum.
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Yeah if I join now then I may end up breaking even after Chrimbo, whereas if I join in the New Year, I could have an extra half stone to lose!?!?!

I don't think you are mad- I think you are utterly awesome for seizing the moment - you go girl!

You will be so glad you did when New Year comes around and you are not feeling ILL from overindulgence and feeling horrible when you look in the mirror, and being on SW is great over Xmas as good stuff like turkey, sprouts, sw roasties, prawns, smoked salmon, tangerines, ham, chicken drumsticks, rice salad, spiced red cabbage, pickles, oranges and LOADS more are all free free free



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Think you are brilliant joining at the moment. The majority of people would make loads of excuses and put it off. You are taking the bull by the horns and making sure you dont pile on more weight.
You'll def make a heck of a lot more "good" choices than you would have done had you waited until after Christmas and New Year.
Well done

Lady J

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Yep go for it - you'll be so motivated in your first few weeks which will make it lots easier for you to make better choices over christmas! It took me a while to get to grips with the programme so it's probably a good idea to start when you've got a bit of time off to get your head round it xx


Wishing and hoping!
I don;t think it is mad at all, better sooner then later. At least then you may have a bit more control and not go ott allbeit you can flexi syns. But I know because of rules I am better at sticking to a certain amount of syns or not have so much but allow myself a treat. But the choice is yours anyway. Whatever you decide good luck on your Sw journey x


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not at all. I joined two weeks before christmas the year berfore last - and lost 8lb's for Christmas Day - my clothes fitted much better and I felt more comfortable after my Christmas dinner than previous years because I just didn't eat as much.

I didn't go back to class though after Christmas - so I would say to you, justs make sure that you return and you'll definitely get to goal with a good attitude like this.

Well done - and good luck.


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I think it's a great idea to start before Christmas. When I started SW I gained in my first week and was MORTIFIED at the class as I didn't know anyone and I didn't want people to think I was a failure etc. After that I was determined not to be so embarrassed ever again and that kept me on track.

Even if you gain over Christmas (which I'm sure a lot of people will so you won't be as mortified as I was!) I reckon being on SW will be in the back of your mind so subconsciously you will make better choices.

SW has made me really think about what I eat and "Is this tasty enough to be worth it?" most of the stuff I used to eat I realise it isn't delicious enough to ruin my diet for, and there's so much yummy stuff you CAN have on SW.

For example, I haven't had a mince pie yet this year - I don't particularly like them - but without SW I can think of about 10 occasions where I would have definitely eaten one just because I was offered one and "it's christmas".
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I only started following SW from home at the weekend. I did think about joining a class, but my local one is on a Monday, which I didn't think was much good so close to loads of Bank Holidays. I think its an excellent time to start. Its only a couple of weeks until christmas but in that time you could lose up to half a stone and feel so much better come Christmas. I know if I didn't start now, I would keep eating any old rubbish until January and feel even worse about myself!
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I joined 2 weeks ago and have lost 7lb already, still lots to learn about the diet, like cooking and choosing best options. I think you should join next week, don't keep putting it off honey. xx
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I believe that to lose weight you need to be, as I call it, determined in your mind. If you are determined to do this it does not matter when you start, 'cause lets face it we can always make excuses, me being a culprit!!!
Good luck in your decision and do it when you are ready...that way you may well succeed!!
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Hi hun, you are definitely not mad for joining before Christmas. If you're ready to join, then go for it. Any weight you lose might help you stick to the plan over Christmas anyway. Good luck! xxx
i started today!!! eek!!! if i can do it anyone can!! he he!!!

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