Am I not in ketosis? - HELP!!


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So the past few days I've been feeing really quite hungry but decided it was probably just one of those things that happens from time to time. I've also been quite stressed and also feeling very tired.

Yesterday evening I went to play badminton as I do every week, taking care to have a food pack before I left to sustain me, as I do every week. About half way through begain feeling very odd indeed - really weak, hard to focus and a bit dizzy. I left early, but by the time I got home I was feeling very very unwell. I went straight to bed but was still needing a 4th foodpack and I was still feeling hungry. Anyway I had a bar (even though I'd already had a bar yesterday) as I was seriously having trouble standing up and couldn't envisage making the milkshake. Actually I was a bit scared to tell the truth. What I did do was wee on a stick but it never changed colour. However, I've heard that sometimes after exercise it doesn't change colour for some reason.

So I've woken up now and used the first wee of the morning - still no change!! And I still feel super weak and tired after a full eight hours sleep.

I've followed the diet completely to the letter apart from two minimal exceptions. On Boxing Day I had 5 packs (had 3 the following day in compensation. On New Year's Eve I did the same. In both cases I was up very late - past midnight - and had the packs very late.

I also use Marigold instead of the savoury drinks but this has caused no problems in the past and in fact I've not had any in the last few days because I ran out.

Am I not in ketosis?? Does it sometimes not show? Can you fall out for no reason??
I used to have similar sorts of 'episodes'.

Firstly, my stix never showed me to be in ketosis, though I knew I was.

That weak, feeling ill feeling I understand exactly. I had that many times, but never really got to the crux of what it was all about. I sort of decided it was happening when I drunk a lot of water (more than they said...but not as much as lots of others seem to drink!). There seemed to be that pattern. They would pass though, usually felt better the next day.

But...I wasn't extra hungry at this time, so I really don't know what's going on there, but when you described that feeling, I found myself nodding away there.
But you were still losing weight right?

I don't want to be hungry, weak, not making pink Ketostix and NOT losing weight.. :mad:

It's hard to know any more what is genuine hunger - I'm probably not that hungry - it comes and goes in waves and maybe it's a response to feeling a bit pants - I dunno..:confused: :confused:

So I guess just ride it out and hope for the best...

BTW - I do easily drink more than 4 litres a day. Probably yesterday I had somewhere in the region of 6 litres. Often it's more than that, but very rarely less.
Yeah, I did carry on losing weight. I wish I knew the answer and could tell you how to stop it, but I never worked it out except for the possibly link of too much water. It wasn't a pleasant feeling at all.

Sorry...maybe someone else knows:confused:
Strangsecos i've been feeling dizzy all day luckily i'm on leave so have stayed at home all day. I've been drinking enough water so i dont know why this is but i hope it'll pass.