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Am I strange for not wanting compliments?


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I've been getting quite a few compliments recently because of the weight I've lost, and while I'm really pleased that I'm starting to look good, I'd rather they didn't!!

I get complacent really easily, so when I get compliments then I start to think "OK, I look good now".

Hence my 3.5lb gain last week :(
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You're not alone hun! Don't get me wrong, it's nice to get compliments from close friends and family, but if other people compliment me then I sometimes feel a bit bad! It just makes me think that they must have viewed me as such a heifer previously! :eek: Silly hey! xxx
haha I'm exactly the same - somehow a compliment makes me get complacent and in a weird subconscious way I put on weight! Obviously it's nice to get a compliment but it always screws me up, goal-wise! And if you say anything to anyone, you know you're never getting a compliment ever again haha...
I can sort of understand where you are coming from, however it's not very often I get compliments so when I do I just sit back and enjoy the ride :D

i'm the same!! if im in a good mood, even tho my jeans get tighter as soon as i hear "you've lost weight" i decide that my jeans have shrunk in the wash and its ok to have another chocky!! if im not feeling so good about my size i just think i must have looked even more massive last time i saw them!! mostly its slim friends and i know they r trying to be help full and i love them for it but i think maybe its them drawing attention to it that niggles.....who knows but i totally get ya!



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Yup, hence my motivation is now flagging!

But, imagine how bad you would feel if you gained the weight again and ppl noticed (i doubt they would say anything mean, but if they've noticed it's gone then they'd see it had gone back on again!). That's what keeps me going :)

Plus imagine how amazing it will feel when you reach target and hear the compliments! :)


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I know - I have to say, getting back to class is what's got me back on the straight and narrow. I have a new enthusiasm for it which I'd kinda lost over the last couple of weeks.

Onwards and downwards!!
Personally I can't deal with the compliments just yet. I feel like how big was I before for them to say it's such a huge difference, I don't feel much smaller.
Personally I can't deal with the compliments just yet. I feel like how big was I before for them to say it's such a huge difference, I don't feel much smaller.
Try to put yourself in the place of the person who is giving the compliment - if you don't accept it gracefully then how will they feel?
it depends on my mood, how i feel/react to compliments. sometimes when i receive one (rare as they are) it's like everything in my world is right again. other times ifeel annoyed or even angry about it and don't want to hear how "disgusting" i was before. despite knowing that people weren't actually saying look at that fat cow over there, whenever i saw other people laughing nearby or passed a group of people my age i'd suddenly feel really bad about myself and think what if they are laughing at me? am i truely that terrible to look at and does it make me a bad person being so large compared to others?

the answer i know now is in fact NO. i'm still me with or without the extra weight and whether or not other people think badly of me, they can't hurt me emotionally unless i let them. i have to remind myself that compliments aren't meant to be offensive to what i was before, but encouraging me to be what i want to be.

those who compliment me aren't saying "i didn't like you much before, but i think better of you now" nor are they trying to put us down. they are being supportive. although we sometimes don't want to be complimented or find it uncomfortable just try to remember that they took the time out of their day to say something nice to you. it actually doesn't happen a lot for most people, so just accept the compliment gracefully and think back at it when you feel the need for support.
I am usually thrilled to receive compliments and they make me feel I am walking on air, but yesterday my neighbour at work who had been away for 2 weeks, said " my word Susie, I didn't recognise you. you have lost so much weight. Please don't lose anymore " She is so sweet and I am very fond of her but I immediately thought "oh my god, I must look awful " My sensible head told me to accept it as the compliment it was intended as.

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