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Am I the exception.....

Just occured to me that SO many people on here are scaleoholics and wi every day. I weigh in once a week and it just occured to me that I cant actually remember what my weight was last week lol

I had to ask my mum to check her list for me tonight ready for tomorrow morning :eek::eek:
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I go from one extreme to the other :rolleyes:
Some weeks I have weighed near enough every day.
But most weeks I just weigh, on my WI day :)
My scales live in my bathroom.
I dont hide them or lock them away from myself :)
I was a scaleaholic for the 1st week. Then I had a bad week & hid from the scales for a week. And now I think I've accepted that Im going to be on this diet for a while & the scales change every time I look at them, so I'm just going to weigh myself weekly and I'm not so bothered about them now. I can understand people who only have a few stone to lose becoming obsessed, but Ive got 10stone to lose, so I've accepted its not just going to instantly drop off, but if I keep on track I will eventually get there!


I will do this...
I wouldn't say I was a scaleaholic, I do WI everyday though. I WI once a morning at the same time and that's it. I don't get upset if I stay the same so as long as I continue not letting it affect me mentally with the diet I don't think it's that much of an issue for me to WI everyday. :D
In the first week i WI everyday then the 2nd week i had a blip so i stayed away from the scales until my WI day. I weighed myself this morning but now i am not going to step on the scales again until my WI day on thursday!
I WI everyday, but that is just to keep me on track, I like to know where I am (I am a self confessed control freak and therefore even pack them when I am away on business). However with Exante I find this need is not so great as I have never had my weight fluctuate, not once, so I always get on the scales and have either lost or STS.


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I weight myself every morning... l don`t get upset if l gain or STS. l just want to know am in control of my weight. l officially WI every Wednesday.
I've been weighing in every day so far. Going to try and stick too once a week though as I'm driving myself crazy !
i dont weigh every day but i do more than once a week i know i should only do once a week ive even had a friend say do it once a month as that massive loss is more of a boost but i just cant help myself


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Divalicious said:
I weight myself every morning... l don`t get upset if l gain or STS. l just want to know am in control of my weight. l officially WI every Wednesday.
I'm the same, I feel a lot more relaxed when I do this. Earlier in the year I started trying just once a week, but find daily suits me.
I meed to weigh in very day so that I know that my weight is going down!
Yeah once a week is one thing but what I meant was I didnt even know what my weight was last week :rotflmao:
Lol Star thats cos ya comfortable and dont let the scales define you...I think the longer we are on a diet successfully the less the scales call us lol... I'm a once a week lady myself but can definately see where people who weigh every day are coming from if its a useful tool and doesnt dishearten them...I would have gone through a lot of batteries if i weighed every day from the start of my journey Pmsl xxxx
I weigh myself once a week. I hate weighing myself and want to do it as little as possible! Actually I would never weight myself but need some accurate numbers based thing to record progress :) (not sure my measuring myself would be that accurate). Currently the scales are on a top shelf here in the study and I'll get them down on Tuesday for my weigh in.