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Am i the only one?


is gonna shine in 2009
Who loves having a sniff of other people's food lol. Like just now my daughter is eating beef space raiders ( which i love ) and she laughs when i ask for a sniff and practally stick my head in the bag lol.

I find it really takes the desire away to eat them.

Am i a freak lol xxx
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is gonna shine in 2009
i've also found a whole new level of enjoyment in feeding people lol


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No i do same...just got my friend to talk me through his whole dinner on the phone and explain in detail what it all tasted like and how it felt, lol so much so that he said my reaction to his descriptions would make people think we were having phone sex!!
And yeah i have become a feeder...xx
I struggle with smelling food as it really gets my mouth watering - but i watch food programmes and read take away menu's!! Arent we a strange bunch lol !!


This is the last time!!
Hell no, I absolutely do it too!
I work in a Nursery and part of my job is preparing snacks for the kiddies, I thought I'd struggle but I actually love it.
I make people tell me what they have eaten, I smell everything food wise and love to be surrounded by food at all times, even though I can't eat it.
Tonight I made my 4 year old son smoked Haddock in a cheese sauce with min roasted potatoes and an assortment of veg, and I sat and watched him eat every mouthful.
Trouble is, I LOVE cooking, so my poor friend's baby is getting lots of Janny food all mushed up so that I can still enjoy making my favourites, as long as they are enjoyed, that's great!
Dito! LOL
I've learnt to cook so many things from scratch since I started CD that when I start eating again I'll know how not to damage my waistline any more as well as my wallet!:D
For the first 2 weeks I fed my kids just rubbish ie chips with everything because I could resist them but then they and I got fed up and now I'm back to my baking, cooking etc and the smells just drive me wild BUT it's also fun and I know that 1 day I will be able to not only eat these foods but be able to enjoy them.
Haha, that made me laugh when I read that. I am about to restart CD - I did it early last year and when I did it I was ALWAYS asking people if I could smell my food. I don't know what it was, but I loved thinking about what other people were eating and smelling it - strange huh!?


is gonna shine in 2009
well i'm glad its not just me lol.....hi bunny i think i remember you from last year x


is gonna shine in 2009
and those M&S ads are like porno for foodies lol


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O yes, no so much now but at the start I would love to smell everything! Also, I got so much enjoyment out of feeding my OH, he put on a stone!
I'm the same watching all the food programmes and I've even started making a list of the meals I will have when this journey is finally over.

Has anyone watched that Chinese cooking made easy programme on Mon nights - I have a weakness for Chinese - confession time I ordered the book that goes with the series yesterday and I cant wait for it to arrive so I can start planning!!!!! how sad am I???
Me too me too, I sniff everything!:eek:


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