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Am I worrying over nothing?


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Hi everyone

Someone I know has recently begun CD and is on sole source. They're using a different CDC to me as mine is too far away from their home.

Their CDC has allowed them to have the bars from day 1 of the diet, and when I said that they should be waiting until week 3, my friend asked where it says this in the documentation. I told them I found it in the pink and blue Sole Source programmes book, and they don't have it. Looks like their CDC didn't include it in their starting pack :sigh:

Is this not what we pay the £10 registration fee for? Should the CDC not provide a new starter with all of the documentation?

And am I worrying over nothing that they're allowing people to eat the bars from day 1? I know it's probably not going to cause harm, but it will surely make it harder to get into ketosis? I'm just a little worried that having the bars straight away will make the first few notoriously difficult days of the diet even harder.

Another friend I know (with yet another CDC), was told that it was ok to drink 1 can of fizzy drink per day as well. I know a lot of people do this without it affecting them, but surely the CDC should be trying to encourage you to adhere to all of the rules of the diet?

I'm confused and concerned :confused:
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I never payed a registration fee :confused: and i was allowed bars after day 4/5 once i was in ketosis. I was also told that i am alowed a can of coke zero if i wish but i decide not to as i dont want to feel bloated from the gas in it etc... It does seem a little strange they are allowed the bars from day 1, i always thought you had to be in ketosis before getting them.
All you can do is advise them and ask them to speak to their cdc's. You've given them the information, its up to them what they do about it. But, it isn't helpful when people are given different information. Tell them to come on here, most problems are covered in the stickys! I'm v.lucky, my cdc is 'by the book', i'm doing ss and she wouldn't give me any other bars except for the cranberry and peanut, as the others are higher carbs apparently. xx


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what's this about a registration fee????
All you can do is advise, and if your friend is at all concerned, then she can report the CDC to Cambridge diet head office and they will be investigated from what i understand!
Personally, i dont think any CDC should be condoning anything away from the plan, but its down to a personal thing, if a can of coke is going to keep that person motivated then so be it i suppose....

wish i could offer you some better advice hun!



Cambridge Consultant
Hey Nicola...
What I would say is your cdc is giving you the correct advise hon, which is taken from the book..
No bars till week 3 no fizzy drinks etc... I would just go by what your cdc is telling you as this is the correct information.

I have heard of people having the bars earlier, the reason why they advise not to, to start with I believe as there are more carbs in them.

I can understand your concern but if your friend choose to go by what there cdc tells them then thats up to them but perhaps show them the literature..
What registration fee? I have never paid for anything other than the packs, tetras, bars I choose. I had books for free and I think my CDC is great. She is very supportive and complimentary. Just what I need!
Some CDC seem to charge a registration fee or a fee for coming to your house. Mine doesn't (or I'd use another one!) but I've heard of both happening before. I think most CDC's judge the personality of the person they're talking to and then advise based on that. When I went to my CDC I said 'look I don't really need you to mother me or see you every week, I'd like to buy 4 weeks at a time and I can weigh myself' and she said that's perfectly fine, if I want more support it's there. I told her I had done LL before so knew the drill and she seemed happy enough. She told me that it's not recommended to drink Coke Zero but it won't do any harm to have a can or two a week. She also said if I was absolutely starving to have another pack, and if I really had to eat something then eat plain chicken. I think if I had gone in and been a bit more nervous and needed more support, she might not have been as frank with me about the coke and the chicken. Neither is going to ruin the diet at the end of the day, you're having approx 500 calories a day, you're going to lose weight. It's easier if you're in Ketosis of course.

The bars contain more carbs than the drinks, so it takes longer to get into Ketosis if you eat them from day 1, but you still get there. Most people wait the 2 weeks so they're firmly established in Ketosis, as there is a chance they could kick you out of it, but it's not going to ruin your friends diet if she has them earlier.

I wouldn't worry too much about it :)
I have heard some cdc's do charge a registration fee even though mine didn't , as I suppose they have lots of people that give up in the first week and that initial consultation is a bit longer so maybe that is the reason why?
Regarding the bars and coke zero I think if it helps to keep your friend on track then let her get on with it .. anything is better than eating like before..however I think that cdc's should stick to the recommendations in the book then if someone is struggling offer the bars then , but sometimes people need that chew... I found it hard to cut up my baby girls dinner the other day as I don't remember the last time I used a knife and fork! Funny things this diet does to you!
Oooh never heard of a registration fee before.My CDC doesn't allow the bars till week 3 either.
i never had a registration fee either


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don't sweat the small stuff guys!

Personally, I don't charge a registration fee, but CDC's are within their rights to do so. an initial consult usually takes me around 45 minutes.

I always give a SS book in the first week (to SS'ers!) Some CDC's charge for this as we have to pay for them. I don't.

If you make it to week 4 then I give the yellow book out.
The website clearly says that you can have a can of diet pop per day if you really want to (FAQ's I think)

Bars are generally not recommended whilst getting established on the diet. (first 2 weeks) but some clients say they can't get through the day without it... I also tend to recommend no more than 3-4 per week... the extra calories sometimes have an impact....
I want my clients to succeed.... so I advise them of the fastest route.... after that they make their own choices.... I'm not the diet police! I'm an advisor and supporter.

I hope that that clears up some of the confusion!
Thanks for your comments everyone :)
I forgot to mention originally that my friend's CDC also didn't even mention the word ketosis during the consultation which I also thought was a little strange. Personally I found it helpful to understand how the diet works and what to expect, but as people have already said, every CDC is different!

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