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Am so un happy :(

I am Back home in wales so unhappy, theres such a long story to tell, which i think i will tell, as i need some friends as i have no friends anymore :(

ok, my eldest daughters dad been contacting me for a while now, wanting to see her (he doesnt really he just wants to meet up with me, type of bloke he is) he is such a bad boy, drugs, violance etc, anyway i told him i was living in leic now and perhaps we could meet in the summer hols, flirting and all stopped!! anyway when i was up in leic last week it was my daughters sports day my mum went to it, and his mum and sister were there, his nephew is in her school which i did not know, that night he texted me threatening me, says he knows where my house is (in waleS) and he will be round soon etc.. he even described my garden as being a jungle :(.

told Andy (my oh) all of this, he said dont worry your safe here and demi (my daughter) is safe with your mum.. anyway i had to come home the weekend to get my dog as my mum took demi abroad tuesday so i am stuck here for a week now with my baby oh in leic, i am keeping my back door locked, not getting dressed, keeping lights off basiclly i am on egg shells..

we supposed to be moving up to leic over the next few weeks, andy coming down for me this weekend, and i have looked into removal companys who want from £763 to move me to leic andy asked his parents if they could help but his dad said no cus they booked to many holidays this year and dont have the finance (yeah right they are loaded).. i am so gutted will take me ages to save now :(

My socalled best friend rach only wants me when she is down, when i called her her response was "everyone has probs" WTF. i aint spoke to her since, and then my other so called best friend last time i heared of her was before greece i texted her lots of times she not replied (since i moved to this house).. so there yar, i have no friends :(

i feel so frustrated, so un happy, roll on the weekend (if he comes down for me) :(, am so happy up in leic.

i am just so un happy here, cant wait for bed time, now see why i need food for comfort? i been so good today but thinking shall i just eat till next week when i am up in leic with my blender, can swap some packs with cdc, etc ? or stick with it? even though i am sooo un happy :(

my life is so crap right now :(

sorry to rant i think i just need some friends :D
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Oh hun bigggggggggggg hug!!!!!!! I havent got many mates as ive found myself a fella (8 months now) and they dont wanna know me anymore as they think i block them out which i have never done. They also dont talk to me cause of my diet which is silly i think as im doing this for me not them!!!

So hun if u need a friend im here BIG HUG xxxxxxxxxx


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I also have, like, zero friends. Everyone's all over the country and I can't get to them! So I definitely empathise there.

Sheesh, sounds like a potential criminal matter you have there with your ex. Then again, it could all just be bluster. Chin up, though: sometimes it's more than just pounds we need to shed from our lives!

It does sound like you're having a crapola time right now, to be fair. I do think food right now would just prolong the crapness.

Bedtime sounds good - I just curl up and go to bed early when everything is bad, and I see absolutely no problem with that. Sleep and water are, like, the best cures for everything.


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:grouphugg:Sending big big hugs to you all. I have been very very lucky with this diet as several of my friends doing it too.
Amythest, I cant believe how much bad luck you're having. Being away from your eldest must be really tough then added to missing your OH and coping in a place you dont want to be in with a little one.
Don't resort to food as you'll make yourself feel even more down. For most of us, comfort eating is the reason we became bigger people and the more we feel down the more we eat, the bigger we become etc etc.
When i was much younger i did the bad lad thing, he was never violent but went away down the drugs road to a place no-one can help him and he's been in and out of prison and mixing with all sorts. Such a shame because underneath there is a fab person who just made a few wrong choices.
I do wish you all the best and hope that it all works out for you.
Oh Amethyst :grouphugg:

I really feel for you - try to ignore his threats hopefully that's all they are, curl up in bed or on sofa with the tv and watch something feel good. Good luck with your move, keeping my fingers crossed for you.

:grouphugg::grouphugg::grouphugg::grouphugg: Lots of ((((((hugs)))))) amethyst. if you are really scared maybe call the police? all my friends are all over ireland only see them once in a while, for me it was once i got pregnant and stopped going out and going mad i lost a few ohh well its times like this you realise who is real friends are. hope things get better soon hun :)
thanks guys, just wish oh would pull his finger out and show me what i suppose to mean to him..

just having my last pack and then a bath and an eary night watching horror chan could do with a laugh lol..

yayyyy day 1 nearly over :)


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Why not ring your friends instead of texting them and get them to come round...I am sure they are just not thinking! Also dont stop cd as you will have a bad time restarting!
Take care..oh and get a pellet gun with a good long range for when this bloke arrives in your jungle!
See sweetie? Lots of people here for you.
Who needs friends like yours? In times of trouble you find out who your friends are. Lean on your OH and family at this time of need. Don't hesitate to call the police - they have to take threats/stalking seriously. Don't eat for comfort - it's comfort will be fleeting and make you feel worse. Try to sort all these things one thing at a time. Hope you feel safe and better soon.



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hey hun,

sorry to hear u are having a rough time of it, your ex is obviously getting to u and winning by the sounds of it, why should you have to hide because of his pathetic threats, he so thinks that he has power over you.

If you have text messages from him keep them, also keep a diary of any threats you receive and make sure you notify the police of what is going on.

I have a friend up in Newcastle who has had sum serious stuff happen with her ex, the police liason officer asked her to keep a record of everything. Harrassment and/or threats in any form is breaking the law.

Dont let him beat u hunny.

Debs x


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awww hunni, real hope you and babs are ok, i know your having it hard at the moment, but just wanna let you know im here for you, anytime and if needed i will coem to wales.. as a little holiday xxx text me any time babe x
Any chance you could hire a van and do the removal yourselves. it would be so much cheaper

Take care

Irene xx
thats exactly what we are going to do now, can book it next week for 2 weeks time, oh needs 2 weeks notice to take days of from work..

but he hasnt spoken to me today, been to busy, so perhaps we can confirm it all this evening if he has time to talk ... lol
Sending you lots of hugs!

We're all here for you, if you need to rant then PM me if you want.
Not much I think I can say, I think everyone else has said it all.

Wish there was something I could do to help :(
Hope things improve soon!

Jenni xx

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