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Am stuck!


** Chief WITCH **
There are various strategies but, unless I'm mistaken, you've not been posting your menus so it's difficult to advise what to change...

Care to go to the menu thread and put a few days' menus up for perusal?

As you probably know, I've been coached on the official French site and he says not to worry unduly about "stagnation" until 10 days of no loss... but I know how frustrating it can be well before that...

Many factors, other than food, can of course affect our losses too (cycle, transit, water retention, eating too salty food...)...
Hi Jo
I have decided to have a few days of attack and cut out the fruit muller yoghurts although i was only having 1 a day. and see if that shifts things. xx


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are you exercising babes? (god i feel like an exercise freak - my lodger last night said i was obsessed just cos she was eating huge plate of pasta and garlic bread and then caramel digestives)


** Chief WITCH **
mmmmm your lodger sounds like MY sort of girl!

Redoing attack ISN'T one of the strategies! Really not a great thing to do cos your body ends up getting used to it...
according to the book it says if you have stagnated then to do attack for a few days. i think i am not eating enough too. just out of interest how big are everyones portion sizes? i.e if you have steak how much would you have?



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If I have a steak its prob a 10 oz. chicken ill probably have a breast and a half.
Hiya Vicky

I have been doing 1/1 on cruise. really wanted to get my 2lb off this week!! have got an excercise bike the other day so have been doing a couple of miles on that for the last two days. thought it might be because i have been abit 'bunged up' but i am not now! x


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what have you lost each week so far hon? also exercise bike will gain muscle and lose fat . muscle weighs more than fat. have you got tape measure to see yourself toning up?
i feel like i have lost inches and thats not gonna show up on the scales. week 1 i lost 5.5 lbs week 2 3.5 and week 3 3lbs. week 4 eff all!! x


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thats still good going hon. is it totm or anything. have you got your dress yet? you might not always lose weight but you will lose inches especially with the ex bike. where is it you need to lose most of to fit in dress?
missed the postman this morning!! so i have to pick the dress up tomorrow! its not TOTM i had that the 2nd week of dukan. Definitely need to buy a tape measure though so i can count inches rather than pounds! x


Dukan Ancestor!!

are you drinking enough water? If you're not drinking enough your body tends to retain it rather than flush it out... I'm sure you'll get there soon I was stuck for at least 5 days last week and then dropped by over 1lb overnight.
When you're off PP eat some asparagus ;)


Dukan Ancestor!!
PS just noticed how close our stats are!! SNAP
Am drinking lots of water and had a shed load of asparagus last night lol so i am doing everything i can think of to get moving again. Please everyone send me some weight shedding vibes!!


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there you go. you need the weight loss fairy. you can share her with me and cheryl this week :D

p.s. bum tum and thighs, have you started doing sit ups? also in the book there are some exercises arent there? do you have wii fit and the yoga on there is good too :D

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