Amazing what you find out!


Finally...Life begins
I have been doing some work with another woman from work over the past couple of weeks which have involved working away for a few days. Anyway, she is very sporty, goes for a run every morning and looks fab for her age.

Anyway, yesterday was the last day we spent together and at lunch time I said I was off for a walk (to have my CD packs without explaining to everyone what I was doing!) and she said to me, Can i ask you why you don't eat lunch with us, don't you like us, or do you meet someone else!? I thought oh well ill tell her what I am doing, but just said, Actually no I am on a low calories diet so don't tend to eat at work, and go for a walk instead of watching everyone in the canteen eating food. She replies, Oh I understand I lost 6 stone on the cambridge diet a couple of years ago, so I know what its like to not eat.

I nearly fell off my chair in shock!!

I then got my cambridge bar out showing her the new flavours and then spent the rest of the day talking CD!

She did also say, I thought you were loosing weight, but didn't want to say anything incase I offended you!!

Amazing what you find out when you talk!!

And there is me thinking she had always been a skinny minny who went running every morning!! Wonder if anyone will ever think that about me!!
How lovely!
And so reassuring to know that she has remained slim!
I used to get upset when people did not notice my weight loss but now realise that they never wanted to offend me by admitting they could see I was fat!!!! If that makes sense???
Hey thats great... just shows how we do things because we are afraid of what people will think... Then we get caught out and realise it was really nothing to worry about!

Angela, I have no doubt that one day someone will be saying the same about you..."thought she was always a skinny Minnie"

And it is lovely to hear stories about others who have done the diet and kept the weight off!

Love Mini xxx
Angela - bless ya!! That's a great story!!!

And yes, people will say that to you - they've said it to me - in bitter tones - oh you don't know what it's like for me, you're slim!

It makes me die laughing!!!!! I try to tell them I used to have a BMI of 43 but they don't believe me!