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Ambers SW diary

Sooo joining slimming world (again) and am feeling quite focused this time round. I am over a stone heavier this time than I was when I last started but I think that's giving me even more motivation to get it off. Last time I lost over two stone and got onto the 9's. That only seems like a dream now but I'm determined to do it again. Have finished college this September but really couldn't face going uni feeling like this so iv taken a year out to get my confidence back and hopefully be going next sept. It's my third day into diet and it's going great! Havnt started exercising yet but have decided to start when my losses slow down. Any way this is my food diary for the last 3 days.

Wednesday EE
B - banana
L - chicken with a small jacky spud
T - pasta
Snacks - hi fi (b choice) banana
Syns - butter 3

Thursday EE
B - bacon and egg on a plate
L - chicken with spud
T - chicken with sw chips
Snacks - hi fi (b choice) banana
Syns - ketchup 3 Mayo 4

Friday EE
B - banana
L - chicken and sw chips
T - low fat super noodles
Snacks - alpen light (half b choice)
Syns - Mayo 5 Curley whirley 6

I have to say the chocolate and orange hi fi bars are to die for. I ran out on day 2 so going to stock up at my weigh in on Tuesday!! :) x
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Soo Just had my tea which was gorgeous. Chicken curry mmm. On a extra easy day today as usual, find it easier then the others. Also I rarely eat cheese (unless on a pizza:p) and do not drink tea or coffee so don't really have milk so I have a extra A choice everyday. I might just add a couple more syns to compensate? Nt sure how I should go about that, don't want to be cutting myself to short. Any way can't wait for tuesday weigh in. I hope hope hope I'm 12stone. 5 and a half pound loss. I normally drop half a stone in my first week so I know it's doable. Can't wait!! X

Saturday EE
B - bacon and egg on a plate
L - jacket with tuna
T - sw chicken curry
S - banana
Syns - Mayo 5, ketchup 2, curry 5
Just had some cake and ice cream. Pissed off with myself to say the least. I didn't even enjoy it that much so I should of just stopped after one mouthful (damn my boyfriend and his baking!) ar well tomorrows a new day I gess.... X
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Don't beat yourself up too much Amber, your other days have been good, so it's only a minor oops...unless you had a full tub :)
S: 12st6lb C: 11st11lb G: 8st9lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 0st9lb(5.17%)
Welcome :)
I have no idea what Slimming World is, but I hope it works for you!
Good luck with your weigh in Tuesday!
Hey guys thanks for comments. I no everyone falls off the wagon sometimes but I'm just going to see it as treat of the week! Lol slimming world is kind of like weight watchers but cheaper and works a lot better for me :) well it's quite different but that's the only way I can explain it :) well today not done too bad but have had better days...

Sunday EE
B - lean bacon on bread (b choice)
L - fruit smoothie
T - spag bol
Snacks - banana
Syns - jaffer cakes (I'm not telling how many :s) and some chips... Noooooo :(:(:(

Tomorrow is the day before weigh in so going to try extra hard! X
Soo not done too bad today stuck to it good for weigh in tomorrow. I hope iv done well! :)

Monday EE
B - banana
L - yogurt
T - jacky spud with cheese (a choice)
Snacks - 4 jaffercakes and some crisps
So syns are the jaffers and crisps. Not sure hw many though.
Any way can't wait for weigh in!!! X
S: 12st6lb C: 11st11lb G: 8st9lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 0st9lb(5.17%)
Awesome progress, happy for you!
Soo day 1 of week 2. Done good today, quite hungry now though and I've had my tea! Not sure what to have but need something.

Wednesday EE
B - small hot choc
L - Ham sand on wholemeal bread (b choice)
T - spag Bol
Snacks - hi fi
Syns - hi fi 6, butter 2, hit choc 2, orange juice 2.
Soo had a alright day today. Just done a twelve hour shift so not had loads of time to eat but had had quite a few syns.

Friday G
B - special k (b choice) milk (a choice)
L - soup with bread (b choice)
T - two small crusty rolls
Snacks - maltesers
Syns - bread 7 maltesers 9
today was ok. Just done a twelve hour shift so not had loads of time to eat but had had quite a few syns.

Friday G
B - special k (b choice) milk (a choice)
L - soup with bread (b choice)
T - two small crusty rolls
Snacks - maltesers
Syns - bread 7 maltesers 9
Saturday today. Had a pretty **** day at work as per. Sw diet went abit off today but actually didn't eat alot?

B - special k
L - nothing
T - chicken sandwich
Snacks - sw hi fi bar, macflurry!! :s
Syns - too many to write!! :(

I have started working out again though now so hopefully that will show at the weigh in on Tuesday. Is it me or how bloody slow do the days go when your on a diet! A weigh in seems every month not every week, it drives me nuts lol x
Weighed today. Two pounds. A little bit gutted as I expected more but I did have treats last week so I think they may have caught up with me. Any way a loss is a loss :)

Tuesday G

B - wholemeal toast (b choice)
L - weetabix (a and b)
T - bowl of sweetcorn (wasn't hungry at all but it really hit the spot)
Snacks - hi fi bar (6 syns)
Syns - butter 5.
Today had a good day :) yay was ment to get up and exercise this morning but I decided I needed the beauty sleep more. Need to do it tomorrow. At the hair dressers tomorrow getting the chop. I'm nervous as my hair is really long and they ALWAYS take to much off lol but do need my split ends coming off so I'm probably going to end up with a short back and sides!! Will message In the final out come. Been crimbo shopping all day so not had loads to eat.

Wednesday EE

B - hi fi (b choice)
L - jacket with cheese (a choice)
T - nothing
No snacks or syns :) xxx
Today is Friday and not done tooo bad (if you minus the nutella sandwiches) :s also I forgot to mention that iv been taking herbal tablets for about the last five days, to suppress my appetite and make me have more energy or what ever. I did get them from the gym and I have researched and they are perfectly legal. I just needed that extra something to eat a little less, because I seem to never get full and also the caffeine gives me energy, I don't drink coffee or anything like that so it's quite nice for a boost :) I must say that they have really worked. I'm having just my three main meals a day (lunch is normally light though) and no snacks. This is very unlike me as I am always snacking between meals but they seem to have done the trick and my portion sizes are much smaller :) will not no the real results Though until the weigh in, I'm looking forward to it :) any way today I have had...

Friday G
B - banana nd hi fi
L - plain jacket
T - nutella sandwich (all my boyfriend had in, tipical men)
Syns - butter 5

I wonder because no1 writes on diary if any1 actually reads it?? Hmm I will just believe that people are and I'm not a looney writing like this to myself :) I no my diary is boring but my life is!! I work, eat, sleep and go to my slimming world class once a week. I need to get out more, I'm only 18 so I should b partying every weekend and not staying in nd watching corrie
Really annoyed because just typed a long message for my diary and deleted it by accident. Arghhh!! Any hoo not done to bad today.

Friday G
B - banana nd hi fi
L - plain jacket
T - nutella sandwich (well that's pretty bad but it's all my boyfriend had in! Typical men)
Syns - butter 6

I no my diaries crap but I still hope people read it and can relate to me or I'm just writing aload of rubbish that no1 even sees!! It's boring but my life's boring. I work and go to my sw class every week. Thats it!! I need to get out more, I'm only 18 but id rather stay in with a cuppa in front of corrie than go clubbing (can't ever handle drink and always end up being sick) not good so rarely go out, only for occasions really. I probs need to get a hobby that gets me out the house. Im thinking gym but got car insurance to pay now so don't want all my wages going. Any way enough of my rant. Good night every1 (if there is even any1 reading my diary?) :) hehe xxxx
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I hate it when it deletes everything you've typed!
Don't worry I'm sure people are reading it, and anywho, it's a really good tool for yourself to look back on. My diary doesn't get a big response like some others, but I write really long posts, I just wrote a massive one about my past relationships and everything that's happened. I'm only 18 too. 19 next month, I'm gonna be a granny soon!! Haha.

I used to go out all the time, but it's all the same. You spend money, and lots of it, get really drunk, dance to the same music every weekend, have the same drunken conversations.. I'm going to go out and get wrecked soon. Purely because I haven't seen my friends in far too long....

You're doing really well and keep up the hard work :) xxxx


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I'm still reading. :) great job on your loss so far!
S: 12st6lb C: 11st11lb G: 8st9lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 0st9lb(5.17%)
Reading! :) I don't post often because I don't feel I have any huge amounts of wisdom to share with you :p
Bt you seem to be doing great, and keep posting for us all to read!
I think a lot of people lurk and only very few post regularly :)
Elm is great because she frequently comments :)
BatFitch: I read your diary and I LOVE it, long posts and all because it's very interesting

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