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amount of water flavouring rule

Hi , I really struggle to drink plain water so use the orange flavouring and manage to get 1 tsp to flavour 2 litres .. but I know they dont recommend more than 1 tsp a day so struggling to drink more .

I have just looked on the tub and each tsp is only 0.1 g of carbs and 10 calories .. so why are you only allowed 1 a day .. surely an extra 0.1 g carb is not going to throw you out of ketosis ??? anyone shed any light on this ??

I would be able to drink 4 litres no prob if I could use 2 tsp !!
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Could you try and use only half a teaspoon? or three quaters to stretch the flavouring to make at least an additonal litre of water??
My other question if it is due to sweetner is I always add a sweetner to black coffee, if i drank more than 2 cups would that mean i also run the risk of knocking myself out of ketosis?
Good luck
Dolly x
i too have sweetner in my coffee and tea....
i didnt know that there was a limit to the amount you can have until this morning when i went and got one from my new cdc...
I dont think there is a limit to the sweeters for coffee so long as they are the tablet form and not the granulated stuff
i cant stand the powder stuff...
i ahve all tablets!
Just a thought - but why are you trying to drink 4 litres of water? Cos you don't need to, you know. :) 3 litres is plenty. In fact, 2.25 litres is all you need to get down you (in addition of course to the water in your shakes and the glass of water required if you have a bar or a tetra).

So why not just enjoy the tsp of water flavouring in 2.25 litres (I think it probably wouldn't hurt if you used a smidge over a teaspoon just so it tasted okay)?


please try again
I have problems with the loo if I dont drink at least 3 litres and the more I drink the less laxatives I need to take !!!!
same here.

4 itres a day is my number too, under 3 and im dizzy and headachy

everyones different, we all need differing amounts of water to function well
Fair enough. I wondered if that was the reason - after I posted, doh. :)

I definitely hear what you're saying about trying to avoid the use of too many laxatives. Mind you, it doesn't seem to matter how much water I drink - the constipation issue remains, *sigh*.

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