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Amy's pregnancy diary, trying to stay away from 12st!


Mummy of 2!
I have decided on trying to keep a food & pregnancy diary to try to keep me on track! im starting today as every tuesday i 'go up' a week pregnancy wise, so will be my weigh in day too!

so today at exactly 19 weeks 1st weigh in...

11st 13.¾lb :sigh:

going to have to batter the healthy eating this week, want to stay away from that 12st mark just yet :(
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Mummy of 2!
arrrgh its seems such a big jump, even though its only ¼lb away:rolleyes:!!!!

off for a nice long walk with DD in the sunshine now :flirt2:
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Mummy of 2!
food for today...
breakfast: wholegrain seedy bagel with a scraping of clover light spread, cup of teax2
morning snacks: none (yay me)
lunch: chicken kiev with rice and veg, mullerlight yoghurt and a small glass of lemon fanta
afternoon snacks: none
dinner: small bowl of convent garden winter vegetable soup, half a tiny bread roll with clover spread and some crispy breaded mushrooms with garlic dip!
evening snacks: 4 small squares (so 1 row) of milka chocolate and an options banana hot chocolate
exercise: 60 min walk with pushchair, not including park time ;)

was doing ok today until i pigged out on the mushrooms, but they are my favourite, must make mental note to buy nice things! must buy more soup! i never fancy it, but really enjoy it when i have it and its nice and filling. writing down everything i eat has really helped actually, i stopped myself snacking for the sake of snacking. tomorrow will be the challenge, its my day off as DD is in nursery all day so its usually when im bored and eat rubbish or eat fatty or spicey yummy stuff i cant share with her!

off to dry my hair and pamper myself before bed whilst watching supersize vs superskinny. gotta love diet programmes


Mummy of 2!
strange day today. had to go to the solictor to sort out my rights regarding ex's contact with DD, happy with the outcome but still have mixed feelings about everything.

so feel a bit low today and going to bed in a mo :(

breakfast: wholegrain bagel with a scraping of clover and a cup of tea
morning snacks: cup of tea
lunch: slice of chicken & stuffing on seedy bread sandwich, packet of walkers baked crisps, mullerlight yoghurt and a cup of tea
afternoon snacks: small bowl of pistachios & a medium sized glass of mars milk (my only craving!)
dinner: pasta with prawns in cocktail sauce, large glass of mars milk
evening snacks: 2 rows of milka chocolate and a banana options hot choc
exercise: i thought about going for a swim but didnt...but its the thought that counts right ;)


Mummy of 2!
yes thanks, feel a bit better today. when i did CD i used to drool over foods i didnt even like! it makes you nuts that diet but it certainly works and i'd def do it again:D

today...* note to self will try to swap my sweet drinks cravings for water tomorrow:eek:
breakfast: wholegrain bagel and 1 scrambled egg. cup of tea
morning snacks: cup of tea
lunch: slice of chicken & stuffing on seedy bread sandwich, packet of walkers baked crisps, glass of mars milk
afternoon snacks: lemon fanta and another glass of mars milk (cant get enough of the stuff)
dinner: fish pie and a glass of lemon fanta
evening snacks: banana options hot choc and 1 quarter of a small bag of dolly mixture..might finish the mars milk carton off now though, then none to gorge on tomorrow!!
exercise: housework;)


Mummy of 2!
Ok, i admit i skipped the weekend as i fell off the wagon rather spectacularly. had a chinese takeaway, toberlerone, foamy shrimps and bananas, loads of bread..:eek:

fully expecting to see 12st something tomorrow when i weigh in so will be my own fault:rolleyes: got to get my head in gear as dont want to end up gaining 1lb a week for the next 20 weeks seeing as i've already gained nearly 1st :eek:

still havent signed up for slimming world, just trying to eat small regular meals for now.

so far today..
breakfast: Mullerlight yogurt & a mug of tea
morning snacks: none as was out & about
lunch: ½ carton of new covent garden chicken mulligatawny soup and a slice of 50/50 bread with clover light spread. fibre plus bar
afternoon snacks: 2x quadruple chocolate cookies
dinner: salad, consisting of cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, avocado and sea salt & pepper croutons with a chicken kiev
evening snacks: 1x quadruple chocolate cookie
exercise: none except food shopping :eek:
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Mummy of 2!
weighed in at 20weeks pregnant today.. 12st 1¼ lbs :(
so the weekend caught up with me and i've gained 1½ lbs :cry:

mind you, my fingers are a bit swollen so i know i have a bit of water retention, must glug the water today to try and flush it out:rolleyes:

must must must try and be a bit stricter with myself this week and aim for a max of 1600cals a day, see how i go.



Mummy of 2!
had a really stressful day today:sigh:

breakfast: mullerlight & 2 cups of tea
morning snack: couple of slices of chorizo and a kelloggs fibre plus bar
lunch: half a carton of soup, bread & butter and a packet of wakers baked crisps
afternoon snack: 1 quadruple choc cookie & tea
dinner: salad with chorizo
late: options hot chocolate

=roughly 1660 cals
Sounds like you did well esp if you were stressed today;)
What do the Fibre plus bars taste like?
They are really nice, try them!!

I am desperately trying to keep excessive gain at bay too - have posted my update on the bump buddy thread. Nice to have someone else on the same mission around!
Mmm thanks Emma I will, I need the extra fibre at the mo:rolleyes:
Have you been measuring yourself? I think I will start as when you have a weight gain it may not be going where you don't want it IYSWIM. Anything that gives moral a boost is worth it:p
Have a good day today;)
the measuring is a good idea, might do that before bed tonight!

yep those fibre bars are quite yummy, have only tried the dark chocolate & almond ones. they are expensive for 4 but i would buy them again as i need the extra fibre at the mo too :eek:
I started measuring myself at week 4 (although I used to for weight loss anyway!). Once a week on a Friday morning, weigh in and measurements. Gives you a good idea of what's going on with your body :)
sometimes i dont wanna know whats going on with it sarah :8855: must not bury my head in the sand again though like last time:rolleyes:

been for a swim, only managed 25 mins before i felt extremely hungry and tired - but its a start! i used to swim for an hour non stop so will try and build up a little longer each time i go
Heh true :D Although for me it confirmed my instant weight gain was around my waist and also contributed to my bloating! made me feel a little better seeing my weight creep up! Just hope it goes down a bit before I first see the MW! :)
hmm i do wish i measured my boobs before and now ~ think alot of weight gain has gone there:D

breakfast: mullerlight yoghurt with tea
morning snack: kellogs fibre plus bar
lunch: large baked potato with cottage cheese and chorizo slices
afternoon snack: none
dinner: stirfry veg with noodles, tiger prawns & green thai sauce
evening snack: options hot choccy
exercise: 25 min swim :mermaid:

= 1500ish cals
I am really sad when it comes to measurements - I have a notebook that I use for my weightloss missions (it is something I have been dealing with for years, lol) so I have measurements in there going YEARS back! Like 10-15 years!! So I have the measurements from before my first baby, at different stages of pregnancy, and in the post-natal weight loss stages. Quite nice to be able to look back and compare though, and nice and comforting to know that althought I have gained nearly 1 1/2 stone so far, the vast majority of that has gone on my boobs and bump. :D And I can still pull my pre-preg jeans on - although there is no hope of zipping them up :p

Get measuring, girls! :) You'll be glad you did. And don't wait, you need the 'before' one to compare to so do it straight away.
bought some maternity pajamas today, they are so comfy i may never take them off!:D

breakfast: mullerlight & cup of tea
snack: kellogs fibre plus bar
lunch: sainsburys chicken salad baguette & walkers baked crisps
snack:2x raspberry & white chocolate cookies :eek:
dinner: left over prawn stirfry with green thai sauce
late: tea and individual new york style cheesecake yuuuuuuuuuuum

= roughly 2361cals:eek: gone a bit overboard today :eek:

hi amy
can i ask how many cals you're having a day .. pretty lost now with the possibility of gd, was quite happy following sw, lol!
think i might eat few refined carbs, more fruit, veg and obvioulsy try and cut down on sugar (although have just poished off 2 chocolate muffins:eek:) and just try and calorie count until i know for sure if have gd or not. not tryng to lose but maintain at the moment so may stick to 1800-2000 think thats the recommended allowance for women.
dominique x
i use a online calorie meal planner thingy foodfocus.co.uk which has calculated for me to maintain my weight i need 1600 cals (doesnt sound much but i am really short though) so trying to stick to that. my midwife told me i only need 200 extra cals and thats not even until 3rd trimester so trying my best to stick to the 1600 for now...rather hard tho :eek:

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