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An exercise in the futility of home weighing

Just for a luagh, I gout our our home scales last night. I wanted to see if they were remotely accurate, to themsevles really, not against the LLC scales....but just as scales themselves.

Now fair enough - these are not brand new and they are not high tech or anything glamerous - just a decent digital scales.

In 5 minutes, I:

lost 10kg
gained 4.5kg
gained 3kg
lost 6kg
stayed the same
lost 2kg
and then finally gained 3.5kg.

How this occured, was by moving the scales approximatey 1 or 2 inches from where they were placed when I stood on them the first time, moving it 1 inch each time I weighd and the final weight back in the exact same spot I started!

Just a demonstration why I don't weigh at home - just look at the innacuracy!!! Made me a giggle!! :D
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lol i found that with my scales too and there were digital high tech ones. I gave up on them and threw them out in the end as it drove me crazy.

Surely this is the same with the LL scales then... the scales at our old LLC's office were big black ones, and they kinda moved um everytime I got on um.....
haha I know what you mean...according to mine although I'd lost 11lbs in weigh I had apparently gained 3% in body fat in one week. Er I think not! :D
Now I don't know whether I'm just lucky with the scales I have and/or the levelness of my bathroom floor but I don't have this problem ...... I weigh myself every morning without fail and chart it on a spreadsheet along with my blood sugar count. The scales don't change if I get on and off and if I weigh myself on a Monday evening just before I go to weigh in the scales are generally accurate to what it says on my LLC's scales.

I don't get het up over what the scales say as I know that as long as I've not cheated and am sticking to the diet then I am going to lose the weight and the numbers will go down and that if they've gone up it's not because I've put on weight but just due to water/hormone changes, natural changes in my body.... I can get a bit arghhhish about sticking at the same stone number for what seems like forever but that would be the same whether I weighed myself or not, that's just cos it's coming to the end of 4 weeks and I want to go down a number, my natural impatience showing through.

I'm not recommending that people do weigh themselves as I know that some people don't like to see they've 'gone up' a pound or so but I also can't be down on the people who do --- I'd just advise to accept what you see and as long as you're following the diet you will see the numbers go down..... and I'm still really more interested in the clothes sizes going down than the numbers on the scale --- I love the feeling of baggy clothes that were once too tight :D
Definately - the clothes are the real reward! The weight however, to me is a challenge - and to see it going to numbers that I have not seen in at least 10 years is pretty exciting, so thats just a little bonus...but the clothes are FAB!"!

I just thought the scales were funny :D.....try moving yours around and see if it is the same....lo....mine is all over the show. Your lino floor will keep it much more consistant. Mine is on carpet - very flat short pile, but still.

It just points out - how inconsistant they are - if it shows a number you don't like, don't sweat it! :)

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