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An inspiring photo

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Off Topic' started by Slinkyson, 11 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Slinkyson

    Slinkyson Gold Member

    Hi all recently saw a member on the s&s Facebook page had done something similar so I pinched her idea and thought id share!

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  3. Tracyx

    Tracyx Silver Member

    That's a great idea i think I'll pinch it too. It would be a great way to stay focused :) x
    Last edited: 12 January 2014
  4. Slinkyson

    Slinkyson Gold Member

    That's what I though as soon as I saw it! I'm very competitive so seeing all the beads in 1 one is just making more determined to get them into the other jar! Ha
  5. violetfire

    violetfire shrinking violet

    I'm doing this :)
    All the money is going towards my half sleeve tattoo once I am at goal!
  6. Slinkyson

    Slinkyson Gold Member

    Wooohhhoooo fab idea! I think thinks like this keep is going :)
  7. neraksarrab

    neraksarrab Full Member

    something i did last time i lost control of my eating was i got a little rucksack and made up 28 x 1Lb bags of sand...every time I lost a lb I took one out and put it in a carrier bag. It was very encouraging to physically feel the difference.
  8. Tracyx

    Tracyx Silver Member

    I'm loving these ideas as its things like this that keep me focused.

    I'm loving the beads idea as i know it would make me determined to do well every week, but I'm loving the reward element of the money box idea. I'm not into tattoos (lol) but I'm hoping to be at least 1-2 sizes smaller at goal so im thinking i could do it as a clothes fund or my o/h bought me a lovely pandora bracelet for Xmas but I've only got 1 charm so maybe a charm fund :).

    The sand idea was good too but with a 3yr old it would be asking for trouble cause I know I'd end up with a sandpit in the middle of my lounge carpet!! lol x
    Last edited: 12 January 2014
  9. harassed_mother

    harassed_mother Gold Member

    I have done this too here is my little piggy

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  10. traceyfizz

    traceyfizz Full Member

    That's a really good idea gonna pinch too if that's ok
  11. harassed_mother

    harassed_mother Gold Member

    Go for it it helps when u can hear the money mounting up :)
  12. Soniya

    Soniya Full Member

    What lovely ideas. Thank you so much for sharing xx
  13. clairesolo

    clairesolo Member

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