An official 2007 restart thread


hey everyone, I am on day 5 and doing well apart from a small blip tonite but hey.
I thought i,ll create this thread for everyone to come and post who are ssing or restarting today jan the 1st.
so yeah mah girlies and manzz ofcourse, Feel free to post anything and everything on this thread. How the day went, dietwise and anything which may help others who are struggling.
I do feel this years going to be a lot better. Bring it onnnn!!!!
My personal goal is to be atleast 15-20lbs less by velentine and then go on 1000 cal plan. Also I bought some gym equipments so i,ll be starting some excercise routine aswell. Obviously very light during SSing and then increase the intensity later. so yeah please everyone, join hands, everyone whos been struggling like myself, anyone whos wishing to loose some lbs gained over xmas. please post away your thoughts.
Lots of love and happy new year
Good luck to you, I'm with you on this journey.

Here's to a skinny 2007!!!!

Lets do it!
I've restarted this morning! Already had 750mls water. This time it's for me.

Good luck to us all
I'll be starting again tomorrow morning so joining the merry band of restarters - bring it on!
#~Well day one almost over - almost cracked earlier but luckily my cousin dropped by and saved me!!

Have had 1 shake

2 batchelors cup a soup ( i hate the ll or cd soups) and am working these into my plan!

1 bar

and not enough water!!

hows the rest of you going?
wow wow wow !!
I am soo Thrilled to see so many retstarters. Glad to know I am NOT on my own. VLCD is a very tough journey and more then few people doing it alongside makes it so much easier.
I had a great day. No cheating and 3 litres of water so far. Bring it on tomorrow, My friends saying>>God You are getting skinnier by the day... OMG did that just made me hyper or what lol.
Please post how the day went, it just helps me so much to know how everyone else is using 3 packs and what times etc.
Back to work tomrrow :(
Keep it strong everyone...This got to be finished now. No more RESTARTS !! ;) :D
Got thru Day One!

Did I read correctly that there is a broccolli & cheese soup pack available now on CD?

Good luck to all
Hi Helen, Yes there is a broccolli and cheese soup now and its lovely!! :) Especially when its cold outside!

I have a question to those restarting too like me. Do you still avoid bars and water flavourings for the first two weeks? or just until you are in ketosis?
Hiya Ajax

I had intended not to have bars from day one - but did, tis better than eating - ideally I'd wait until you get into ketosis - not the full 2 weeks... whatever works for you really :p

Well done for all those who got thru day one, here's to a great day 2 :D and for those on day one today - stick with it :p and for those ahead of us day 2 rs - great stuff :)
Thanks Geri, Gonna stick to shakes until I see that little pink box on my ketostix!! I had forgotten just how hard the first days are!! That will teach me! Everyone is eating pastries! SIGH!!
Hi everyone,
Thought i,ll make a post and let everyone know that I gone through day 2 of the new year very fine and No cheating whatsoever.
I am NOT even tempted to eat or nibble anymore, all i want is the skinny me and the jeans hanging in my room to fit me. like keeping the eye on the ball. After all, this food and more is always there. I can always taste it at the end of my goal. Why did i gain all that weight?? coz of all this tasty food. I feel sorry for people stuffing thr faces with food now. and I use to be one of them. How did i do that to myself. well I guess its time to melt those fish and chips i consumed hey !!
Bring it on day 3
keep it strong everyone
Angela hun,
Dont even worry about pastries. They will always be there. Think of how you want to look rather then what you want to taste.
few tips for everyone which are keeping my going:
I add 2 teaspoons of psyllium husk in the savoury pack with chilli flakes and make crisps everyday.
Water when I wake up first thing.
I divide my bars into two and have one half in the morning and one in the evening.
thought i,ll post this, as it may help someone.
Thanks :)
End of another day and I am in a bad mood! How funny what control food has over us huh!

BUT I will be the one in control.

Well done everyone on a successful day, and ifyou haven't been successful, here is to tomorrow. The first day of the rest of our lives!
hi everyone,
another day gone by, Bring on the day 4th. well it would be day 9 for me but i did have a blip in the middle so oh well.
I can actually feel my clothes re getting loose and my tummy is going in. My CDC lives but far so i got 2 weeks worth of packs. I,ll be getting weighted Mid jan now. Hope i make a big loss and get rid of some good odd pounds..ahh so the skinny me aint that far after all.
hows everyone else doing