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and i was doing so well :(


will hit target this time
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i've been really good sticking to the plan all day long, with a shake for my breakfast, a tesco light choices curry for my lunch (well under the 600 calories), two 100-cal snacks and a meal bar for my tea! then i go into work tonight and undo all my good work :( i nibble at biscuits, leftover fries, potato wedges, anything going basically! i feel like i constantly let myself down when i go to work, no matter what diet i'm on - i just seem to FORGET! feeling fat and pissed off with myself, and hoping to start afresh tomorrow, except i just keep thinking - how many times do i have to start afresh before i actually frigging GET SOMEWHERE?!

sorry guys, rant over.
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Oh gracie, I had a bad couple of days too, yesterday was better and today I will be back on track, remember hon we only fail when we stop trying, so keep going we will get there. x
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You can do it and u dont fail when your still trying,,, what kinda work do you do?
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I can imagine how hard it is at work. Were only human and if your like me you have had a lifetime of bad eating habits. It takes time to over come our past habits. were gonna slip were gonna fall we just have to get up and back at it. You will get back on the plan and be fine one nibble is not the death of your plan!

" in all things great we can accomplish together"
"Motivating that thinner inner to break thur the fat"


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gracie, i worked im my mums hotel for about a year and a half before i started my uni course and its when i put on a lot of my weight, like you say its just full of temptation, staff lunches, unused food that will just go in the bin, homemade biscuits mmm mmm. what do you do at the hotel??i was on reception and did start dieting while i was there and i just took all my food and didnt go in the kitchen unless absolutely necissary. i read one of your other threads, could you not have your 600 cals meal for your tea before you go to work then you feel a bit more full while your at work?xx


will hit target this time
S: 13st2lb C: 13st2lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks for that tori :) and i work as a waitress hayles so it's a bit impossible to avoid the kitchen hehe :D i have tried to have my 600-cal meal before i go and not forgetting take plenty of snacks with me, but i think it's mainly out of boredom sometimes! i guess i just don't think before i put food in my mouth, that's one of my worst habits; eating without thought. ah well, i shall get back on the wagon and try harder :)
thanks for all your support guys, it means an awful lot

S: 18st3lb C: 16st3.5lb G: 10st5lb Loss: 1st13.5lb(10.78%)
You just need to retrain your brain and hands to ignore the food round about you easier said than done but it can be done
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keep on track. Everyone of us is rooting for you. we all want the same results for you and us too! You can do it girl! Just picture yourself a month fom now. You will be absolutely beautiful, I will look forward to seeing a picture of you on here

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