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Andie Pandie's Diary

Well I began my exante journey on 16th may 2011, and I'm only just starting a diary! I had a sneaky weigh in this morning (official weigh in on Monday's) and am looking at about 4 or 5lbs for this week. So that means only 1stone 2lbs till goal. Very pleased and all that, but also a little nervous. I see this much nicer body, even re joined the gym today to get some toning done, but have this awful feeling of self sabotage. It's like my devil is saying 'it's ok if you eat some rubbish and break the diet now cos you've done really well and wow what a difference since you began' then my angel is like 'well done! Only 16lbs to go, stick to it, you'll be there in no time' might need a little kick up the a**e to get sone focus back! I've not cracked as yet, but feel closer than I have since I began. Thought writting it down in a diary might just help me to get through this last bit! Phew! Sorry for that moan and groan! Xx
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I find the diary really helpful, and other people can see things we can't see ourselves.

I've just put this on LMP's diary too. I've found this article really helpful, as it addresses exactly the situation you're in, when you find you're close to goal and losing some motivation. Hopefully there will be something in it that helps you keep going - just 16 lbs to go, that's brilliant :)
Thank you so much. That is really helpful! At the beginning of this diet I was gonna get that beck diet book, but then as I was doing ok thought I didn't need it. But tbh I think I'll get it now and work my way through it. Think it may help me to maintain after aswell! Much appreciated! Xx
Well after what has felt like the hardest weekend ever, I'm feeling a bit more positive again! I CAN reach my goal, and I WILL reach my goal! Back on track mentally again! Weigh in tomoz! Good luck to me! Lol x


will achieve target
yay ... you go for it girl ... glad you are feeling more positive .. hope you have a great WI tomorrow too xx
Went for a swim last nite, god I've missed the gym! Induction tonite and set up a programme to tone and increase fitness levels! Really looking forward to it, bring on my new body! X
Had my induction at the gym this evening. Very pleased with the programme we put together, lots of toning and strength. And to make it all the more enjoyable my instructor was soooo HOT! Lol
Work was rubbish, but all else is good! I can see light at the end of the tunnel! X
Ache a bit today from the gym yesterday! Lol just got my bag ready to go in the morning at 6:30am. Gonna do some treadmill, rowing machine, x trainer then some strappy things attached to the wall. I said to the instructor yesterday when we were walking towards them that I'd used something similar, but not in a gym! It sounded really funny in my head when I thought it, but as I was hearing myself say it, and saw the look on his face I just ended up going beetroot! Thankfully he saw the funny side. Last time I try to be a comedian! X
you skinny early bird you :)
Well after 2 weeks 'off' I've decided my head is in the right place for a restart. Gonna give it my all now till I reach goal. Not that fat away I'm hoping! Almost thankful for not needing to think about what I need to cook for tea etc, the most I have to choose is soup or shake lol xx

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