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Andyfofo's Exante Diary

well here i am again...

started LL january 10 and almost 5 stones! however i stopped because i got to my target weight... anyways, got down to the 11 stones and managed to keep it off up until a few months ago, hitting the gym with upper lower body split 4 times per week with protein shakes, cardi, etc etc. in essence a real fitness junkie...

but then i got my first proper girlfriend, (who i love very much btw!) :D eventually as our relationship went on i stopped going to the gym as much as i got "comfortable" (not blaming her, just didnt feel the need to as i had her) but kept up the healthy eating and occasional session... kept maintaining my weight until university exam time where i got back into old habits of stress eating and went back on fast food, chocolate etc and in 3 months have put on almost 3 stone... :break_diet:

ive finally got the motivation to realise that while i still fit into a small/medium, if i keep going this way im going to end up the way i was before, clinically obese and depressed:( i need to get back to the way i was before and realise the good de stressing the gym does rather than fast food!

so im starting on exante tomorrow, wish me luck! (and thanks for reading my stupidly long post! ;) )
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Day 1 weigh Weight: 14 stones 0 lbs, BMI: 29

Weight loss for the week: 0lbs

Weight loss so far:0 lbs

Left to go: 5 stones 0 lbs
Well done Andy in getting back to it!
Amazing how quickly those pounds roll on again. isn't it?

Just wishing you all the best in your endeavour!...:)
i know, as soon as you fall off its like a steam train and before you know your almost back where you started! :(

thanks very much :D


really trying again!
Good for you Andy- I too have been on a similar diet before and sadly gained all I lost and a wee bit more so am now back to finish what I started.....this site is brillaint for inspiration and motivation. Good luck x
Good luck, you'll do it no probs :)

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