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Annie's Diary - Ive started running:)

Well here I go - I am starting weightwatchers. I gained all this excess weight having my two babies :family2: and I hate it:mad:. I am so looking forward to feeling fitter and healthier. I am still breastfeeding so have loads of points to play with:cool:

Im looking forward to getting to know you all
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hello and welcome- My girls are 9 and 5 and i'm still trying to loose my baby weight!! come to think of it i'm still trying to loose my pre baby weight-LOL

best of luck and i look forward to getting to know you


Hiya Chucks!!
Hello and welcome to the ww section..
You will be addicted in no time at all.
Good luck with your weightloss journey :)
Hi Annie, mine are nearly 21, nearly 18 and 13 and I'm still trying to loose my baby weight!! Good luck and welcome x
welcome back again :D good luck with your weightloss x
Well I have sucessfully completed three days - although finding this evening very tough but coming on here has got me back on track - phew!! Im going out for dinner tomorrow night so have to save some points up during the day, first night out without baby Rory which will be strange but nice too. Traditionaly Im an excellent dieter from Mon - Fri and then the weekend goes pear shaped - I am not going to let that happen this time - I am determined!!! I love eating healthy food but I am a binger and once I start on something I see as 'bad' I find it hard to stop so this time Im going to stick rigidly to my points and learn a little of what you fancy does you good!

Jo Slim

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Hi and welcome,
I know exactly what you mean about being good mon-fri and then blowing out on weekend, its like I get to friday and think wayhey its the weekend. Also I don,t drink thru the week but like to have the odd tipple(OR 2) at the weekend combined with takeaway a bad combination. But I,m making better choices now at least, I think thats why ww is great because you can still have a wee treat and stick to the plan !
I love eating healthy food but I am a binger and once I start on something I see as 'bad' I find it hard to stop so this time Im going to stick rigidly to my points and learn a little of what you fancy does you good!
well done on your 3 days 100% :) what you've just written is exactly how i feel about food but have never been able to s ay what i mean! dont let your meal out get the better of you - enjoy it and either go over or dont, but make sure either way you are back on counting points the next morning :) xxx
Well the meal out went ok - the weekend didnt :mad: but Im not going to dwell on it - if I give up what have I achieved - nothing. If I forget about it and carry on, this time next week I can be well on the road of discovery - I havent yet been able to change that mentality of 'Ive blown it - why stop now', but I will find a way or else Ill never suceed - so Im dusting myself off and carrying on determined! I have my meeting tomorrow - yikes, but I will go and learn from my mistake.

Jo Slim

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Hi there,
thats the best way to look at it, put it behind you and carry on. No ones perfect we all have blips:eek: like you say its learning not to just say to hell with it, believe me I,ve been there:sigh:

Remember were here on minimins for some support (thats if you get the chance with your 2 little uns) xx
Well I went and I lost 2lbs - imagine if I had stuck to it, well I will this week - Im very excited now!!
well done on losing this week

i know what you mean evenings are a nightmare when im at home, cos my partner eats what he likes

good luck for this week



Mad as a Hatter
Evenings are the worst for me as well... by the time I get home, get the boys from hell fed and watered, hubby fancies a glass of wine..... all my good intentions go out of the window and before I know it I am 2/3 points over...

Men eh...I need to be stronger

Im the very same Tracy - I need to keep more points for the evening time
Right well here goes - I'm starting five days of 100% to get me going in the right mindset. I would love to get my first silver 7 next Tuesday morning and I'm not going to get it the way this week has begun. So for me 100% means:

Stay within points - 100%
Drink 2L Water
Exercise 30 mins per day - either a walk or cross trainer
visualise myself slim and healthy for five mins per day (I find this helps with my motivation)
hiya - first time poster in your diary

i love the fact i work evenings cos its really stops me eating, if i was at home i would be pigging out on all sorts



Is in the Zone

I'm with you ... well almost. My wii EA Active gives a day off exercise every 3 days :D But 100% and at least 2 litres of water a day.

We can do it and get a great loss next week!


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